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Nigerians applaud Buhari’s support for local government autonomy

A couple of days back, President Muhammad Buhari gave his backing to the long time agitation for Local Government autonomy in the country, describing it as a step forward in the ongoing fight against corruption. He made this declaration at the just-concluded national workshop on anti-corruption organised by the Association of Local Governments of Nigeria (ALGON) and the National Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE). Since, a lot of Nigerians have demonstrated support for the idea, calling on the National Assembly to pass it into law as soon as possible.

Some Nigerians sought their views also praised Buhari for the move. They added that it will hasten development at grassroots level if fully and properly implemented, 


‘It’s a very good idea’ – Pastor Sunday Uwem

“That’s a very good idea. Even, it has been long overdue. Implementing that properly will enhance grassroots development and will reduce corruption if properly monitored. I will suggest there should also be a Task Force that will be monitoring how these local governments will be spending their allocation from the Federal Government. But left to me, they should be collecting their money directly from the federal pulse not through any state government anymore so that they can as well account for how they spend it.”


‘Buhari has done well for the first time’ – CHIAMAKA IKPO

“I am not Buhari’s supporter from time. But this time around, he has done well for the first time since he came to power. The idea of the local governments depending on the state governments before they can do any project is not even democratic at all. Local government is the only government that’s close to the people. So, they should have right to their allocation from the Federal Government directly. Even, doing that will lessen corruption.”

‘I really love Buhari’s step on that’ – OLAYIWOLA ISIAKA

“In fact, Buhari deserves kudos for backing local government autonomy in Nigeria. I really love the step. Many states have pocketed the chairmen of Local Governments in their various states. They have turned them into errand boys, and most of the local projects are being handled by the governors directly. And when it’s time to probe the contracts, people will be calling for the heads of their chairmen, not knowing they knew nothing about the contracts. Sincerely speaking, it will aid anti-corruption crusade if the Local Governments are separated from the state governments totally.”


‘It’s good for our democracy’ – ABDULLAHI ADAMU

“Buhari has done well by supporting the agitation. What next now is for the National Assembly to pass it into law. The Local Governments are not supposed to be under the State Governments, even for any reason. I really like the idea of the autonomy. It will surely help  development at the grassroots.”


‘It will reduce waste of resources’ – MAYOWA EZEKIEL

“I salute the courage of Buhari to have endorsed the clamour by local governments to have free access to their allocation from the Federal Government. It will surely reduce waste of resources. Most governors only syphon the fund meant for the development of local governments under them, travelling up and down, buying their girlfriends luxury cars from the people’s money. Now, if this idea is properly implemented,  corrupt practices by the governors will reduce. Also, performances of many local government chairmen will improve instead of waiting for a directive from their governors.”


‘Buhari has done well’ – AUDU SALAS IBRAHIM

“To me, Buhari has done very well by supporting the move. It will really help in making sure the people enjoy the dividends of democracy because more projects like rural roads, borehole, market establishments and more will be taking place and will be handled by the chairmen and his team directly, instead of the state governors handling them.”


‘It’s a very good move’ – OBI UZOR

“I support it hundred percent. It’s a very good move. Buhari has done very well on that. It’s now the responsibility of the National Assembly to pass it into law before very late.”


‘I support it also’ – EMMANUEL NNANA

“There used to be local government autonomy in Nigeria. But all of a sudden, it was just hijacked by the state government. The local government is people’s government directly. It’s not supposed to be under state government at all. For instance,  a lot of local roads are being handled by the state which is not proper.There should be proper accountability for the fund collected for the development of local government, and such allocation must not be collected BT the state on behalf of the local government because they’re two different tiers of government.”




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