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Nigerians applaud Buhari’s US trip

President Muhammadu Buhari has received a resounding yes from Nigerians over his July 20-23 visit to the United States of America, in which he met President Barack Obama.

The visit which was largely geared towards getting the support of the world’s most powerful nation, especially in tackling insecurity and corruption, was in the eyes of Nigerians who spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly, a beneficial one.

‘APC should show this change they so preached during the elections’ – JUDITH ALIA

Yes, I think in the long run we’ll see the benefits of this trip. Not just economically, but in many other areas. I can’t really go into details now but to an extent investors will see Buhari as a serious president, who is ready to change things.

You know, it’s not every day that the American president invites you to the White House no matter who you are. So, we will really reap the rewards in future. The only problem I have with everything is the size of the entourage. For God’s sake, all these people who went with him all went on the account of tax payers’ money. The APC should show this change they so preached during the elections.

‘It will not be of benefit to the country immediately’ – PASCAL CHUKS

It will not be of benefit to the country immediately, but I think we will see it all in the future. Also, he has got not just the support but also the commitment of the United States in combating terrorism in the north east.

‘Buhari’s trip to the US was a fantastic decision’ – OBINNA IKECHUCKWU

Buhari’s trip to the US was a fantastic decision and I believe that’s good for our nascent democracy. People should just stop criticizing it. He went with a team comprising many technocrats and I am sure the outcome of the visit to Obama will bring positive change to our country both economically and politically.

And I believe the issue of ongoing terrorism by Boko Haram insurgents will soon be tackled, now that Obama has equally pronounced US support in that direction.

‘I don’t see anything abnormal in Buhari visiting Obama’ – SEGUN MAYOWA

All of us can’t see things from the same perspective, and that’s the reason some may be condemning Buhari’s visit to Obama. First, the cost of the trip was not that much compared to what we used to hear of the previous administrations.

And whether or not we want to admit it, US remains an umbrella body to all nations, especially the developing ones like Nigeria. We need to tap from US experience and especially now that we’re facing a lot of challenges. So, I don’t see anything abnormal in Buhari visiting Obama at the moment.

‘Buhari’s US trip is a good thing to happen to Nigeria at the moment’ – SULAIMON FASASI

Buhari’s US trip is a good thing to happen to Nigeria at the moment. No matter how much some Nigerians may or might have criticised the trip, I personally will continue to praise the President and whoever was behind it. It’s a decision in a right direction.

I believe it will surely advance Nigeria’s course. We need it at least to strengthen our bilateral relationship with the US. Apart from that, a lot of things will still come our way that will be of benefit both politically and social-economically. It’s highly welcome.

‘I don’t find it productive…’ – ATAYERO ISAAC

I don’t find it productive. At this point Nigeria is, he didn’t need to visit. We are trying to fight corruption and bring change and all this cannot happen by paying visits to countries while our motherland is wallowing in corruption. If the visit was necessary something good should have come out of it, not mere quotes.

‘Nigeria actually needs to create diplomatic relationship…’ – NWEZE SIMON

I think it was needed. Nigeria actually needs to create diplomatic relationship with countries that could help us remove corruption. And our president has taken the first step in doing that, and I know bigger and good things would show for it.

‘He didn’t go there for leisure’ – ABIOLA ADELEKE

I think we should look at the positive angles. He didn’t go there for leisure, and it is always to seek assistance for Nigeria. I think it is okay.

‘Buhari’s administration is better off’ – KENNETH OBINNA

So far, Buhari’s administration is better off. Even when he travels, he doesn’t go with all his villagers. He is cutting cost. So far, so good. He is better than Jonathan.

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