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Nigerians applaud fast replacement of prepaid meters over estimated bills (2)

The fast replacement of prepaid meters over estimated bill is fascinating. Greater number of Nigerians now opt for the prepaid meters believed to be cheaper and eliminates consumers being cheated.

Prepaid meters are a type of domestic energy meter that requires users to pay for energy before using it. This is done via smart card, token or key that can be topped up at a corner shop or via a smartphone app. The estimated bill happens when electricity consumption based on previous usage patterns are estimated.

ENCOMIUM Weekly presents the opinions of users of electricity as they confirmed their preference and reasons for making such choice…


‘The prepaid meter is economical’ – MR. GANIU

The prepaid meter is easy to operate and use. It is not as stressful as the estimated bill in recharging. The prepaid meter is economical and helps budget accurately.


‘I spend wisely on electricity bill’ – MR. THOMPSON

Unlike the estimated bill, the prepaid meter doesn’t permit all of my appliances to be used simultaneously, thus, reducing consumption. I am not anxious or depressed by the crazy bills that will be issued at the end of the month. I spend wisely on electricity consumption.


‘It is clear and accurate’ – MR. PRAISE OLAOLUWA

The prepaid meter is clear and accurate. The pre-payment are easy to make. The use of non-essential appliances cut down. When I travel, I am not worried about having to meet payment of bills.


‘I don’t get cheated’ – MR. EZE

I prefer the prepaid meter. It enables me to prepare earnestly for my expenses. I don’t get cheated as it is for the estimated bills. The more I use, the more I am charged. And the less I use, the less I’m charged.


‘To recharge is easy’ – MR. ANTHONY NWAFOR

I love the prepaid meter. I have few home appliances. So the units last longer for about two months before I recharge. To recharge is easy and the harassments caused by electricity officers is avoided.


‘I control my consumption to save units’ – MR. DAYO FATOLU

I am charged according to what I use. I can’t be cheated to pay when there is power outage throughout the month. I can also control my consumption to save units.


‘I am not forced to recharge’ – MR. OMOTOLA OMOTOSHO

I have preference for the prepaid meter. It is very accurate. I do not pay or the electricity I never consumed. In addition to that, I am not forced to recharge. I pay for it upfront to enjoy power supply.


‘I understand its operation accurately’ – MR.OGHENEKARO

The prepaid meter is simple and money wise I understand its operation accurately. I know when it is due to recharge. Also, it is cheaper to the estimated bill.


‘One can actually control it’ – MR. OKON LOIS

I think the prepaid meter is preferable to the estimated bill because one can actually control it. One can switch off all home appliances when one is away. You only have to pay accruing to what you used.


‘It helps to manage and maintain units’ –MISS OLAGUNJU KHADIJAT

The prepaid meter is preferable. It helps to manage and maintain units. You could switch on the appliances only when you need it to make it last longer and the situation whereby your wires are taken away is avoided.


‘The prepaid meter consumes excessively’ –MR. SAMUEL

I don’t like the prepaid meter because the prepaid meter consume excessively. In my former house where we made use of the prepaid meter, we purchase units for N10,000 monthly. This is too much. My opinion is that the prepaid meter is only good for self use.


‘I can control my usage’ –MR. ISSA AZEEZ

I prefer the prepaid meter more than the estimated bill. I can control my usage by switching off all appliances not in use to make it last longer. Also, the situation whereby your wires are seized is avoided.


‘It’s only good for self use’ – MR. IFEANYI

The prepaid meter is only good for self use, not for a house occupied by tenants. In most cases, some tenants use powerful home appliances while others don’t. This is not considered in my house as we all pay at the same rate irrespective of the unit consumed by other tenants. This results to conflict of payment.


‘It depends on the stability of electricity’ –MR. EWELA LUKMON

I would say it depends on the house and the stability of electricity in that area. However, I prefer the prepaid meter because there is absence of wires being taken away.


‘It teaches one how to manage home appliances’ –MR. JAMES

The prepaid meter is excellent for personal use. It is not advisable to use it in tenants based house. The prepaid meter teaches one how to manage home appliances. However, this is not the case in houses occupied by tenants. There is variation in the number, size and power of our home appliances thus making it difficult to calculate usage patterns.


‘You pay for what you use’ –MR. EZE EZOKE

The prepaid meter is better because there is absence of you being harassed. You pay at your convenience. You pay for what you use.


‘The estimated bill is deceitful’ –MR. AYODELE OLAMIDE

The prepaid meter is better than the estimated bill. The estimated bill is deceitful as you are charged for the electricity you never used. But for the prepaid meter, one is charged according to your consumption, whether there is power supply or not




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