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Nigerians applaud President Buhari as petroleum minister (2)

A couple of days back, President Muhammadu Buhari publicly declared to double as president and petroleum minister. This, however, has been generating reactions all over the country.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sought the views of a cross section of Nigerians on this, and they spoke divergently on the decision.


YAHAYA SALISU – I think he knows why he took the decision. But the most important thing is monitoring all those that will be working with him in that sector because they can’t be all saints. Some are still there to loot our money and if care is not taken, they will put his image into disrepute.

Oil sector is still Nigeria’s cash cow irrespective of the decline in the price per barrel world over. So, we need a very serious and God fearing person like Buhari to handle it.


JULIUS UGOCHUKWU – It’s expected. So, it didn’t meet me as a surprise just like every other Nigerian who has been following the trend of things since Buhari became the president. I believe the man is not greedy and he surely knows why he wants to occupy that position in addition to his seat as the president of Nigeria.

He has integrity. We only need to pray for him so that the greedy people in that sector won’t sabotage his effort. He is very much okay by me.


YEMI SALAMI – I don’t see anything wrong in Buhari as minister of petroleum. He performed wonderfully in the sector before, and I believe he can’t afford to soil his image this time around. My only fear is that, the task of being the president is very enormous let alone combining it with the portfolio of minister of petroleum.

But since he had said so, I equally believe he is up to the task. We only need to pray for him. It’s highly welcome by me.


SAMUEL OLADELE – It is very much okay going by antecedents of past corrupt deals in the industry. And Mr. President gathered experience while he was the head of Petroleum Trust Fund. He did exceptionally well. The oil sector needs to be thoroughly sanitized. As it’s the crux of the economy. If he wants to head it, so be it.

The present arrest of former petroleum minister, Diezani Madueke is a pointer to all the shady activities in the Industry. I expect that sector boom again.


LAWRENCE ONUZULIKE – I think his decision to head the petroleum ministry is probably the best, since it seems like the most horrific corruption takes place in that department. And besides, since he was the person to give us refineries when he headed the ministry, I believe we’re destined for great things. I expect great things. The petroleum sector will rise again. There will be fuel at affordable price.

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