Nigerians applaud whistle blower policy: ‘It’s a good development in loot recovery’

Since the Federal Government made it public on Sunday, February 12, 2017, that its whistleblower method of loot recovery has started yielding results, having led to the recovery of $151 million and N8 billion stolen funds. And that the whistleblower is entitled to between 2.5 percent (minimum) and 5 percent (maximum) of the total amount recovered if there’s a voluntary return of the stolen or concealed public funds or assets on account of the information provided.

Many Nigerians have been commending the FG on the development, while some didn’t buy the initiative as the fear of the whistle blower being exposed later and assassinated by the person exposed still remains a thing of concern.

Some Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly sought their views on this also spoke divergently. They called on the FG and the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) to provide adequate security for whistle blower and get him or her rewarded instantly so as to encourage others with useful information to release them.


‘It’s a good policy’ – EMMANUEL NNANA

I like the idea. It has started yielding positive results. Just within two months of its introduction, we have recovered about $151 m and N8 bn. It will be okay if the Federal Government can consolidate on that. But my concern about the whole thing is the blower of the whistle. Is the government going to really fulfil its promise in terms of cash reward and protection?


‘I can’t be a whistle blower’ – OBI UZOR

I am not ready to be a whistle blower. First, I don’t believe All Progressives Congress (APC) and Buhari. Everything is propaganda. Left to me, I don’t believe in all what has been said concerning the amount recovered and the promise to reward the whistle blower. And as a person, I can volunteer to blow any whistle whether or not I will be rewarded.


‘I am ready to blow the whistle, if I have any useful information at my disposal’ – JIBOLA SULAIMON

“I like it. I am ready to be a whistle blower if I have any useful information at my disposal. The system really helps so far the identity of the whistle blower will not be exposed. I really commend the FG with the huge amount recovered so far. But my fear is how true is the fulfillment of the pledge percentage of the money to the whistle blower by the FG? So, government ensures the pledge is redeemed and the identity of the whistle blower remains secret for life for security reason.”


‘Government should not stop it’ – JOSEPH ABIMBOLA

It’s a new dimension to loot recovery, and I think it should be encouraged. The FG should not stop it, but should make sure whistle blower is taken care of as pledged. Yes, I can be a whistle blower, not even for the money attached to it but for the good of the country. We must all sacrifice one thing or the other to make sure all the looted funds are recovered for the benefit of all.”


‘I am ready to be a whistle blower if money is truly involved’ – KELECHI JOSHUA

There’s nothing wrong in being a whistle blower so far I will also be paid accordingly. The only thing is that I can’t trust this government at all. APC government is full of propaganda and fake promises. I can’t condemn any one blowing the whistle to recover our looted funds, but the government must fulfill its part of the bargain adequately so as to encourage others”


‘I think it’s better than being an armed robber or pipeline vandal’ – JOE UDOM

My brother, I am ready to be a whistle blower if I will be taken care of adequately. To me, it’s better than being an armed robber or pipeline vandal. It’s only left to the government to play its part on the deal. To me, there’s nothing wrong in being a whistle blower so far it’s for the good of all.

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