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Nigerians ask Buhari to proceed on indefinite medical leave

On account of the protracted ailment being suffered by President Muhammadu Buhari, vast majority of Nigerians home and abroad have started doubting the competence of the former military leader in handling the affairs of the country; hence the suggestion to hand over to his second in command, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo for the effective governance of the country.

Some Nigerians sought their views on this also bought the idea, adding that Buhari’s  continued stay in power will only be worsening Nigeria’s economic situation which is already in a state of coma.


‘I think the honest decision Buhari can take now is to hand over to Osinbajo’ – LOWO ADEGBENJO

“It’s obvious that Buhari can’t continue, but if he insists, we can’t move anyway forward. I think the best and honest decision is for him to resign and hand over to Osinbajo. Then, he can now proceed on indefinite medical leave. I also think he should consider his health status first and far ahead his ambition to rule because it is when he’s alive, hale and hearty that he can think of governing the country. For the situation the country is in now, I don’t think Nigerians can afford to leave the country’s destiny in the hands of a very sick president.”


‘Buhari should go on another medical vacation’ – YEKINI AJISEGIRI

“If I were President Muhammadu Buhari, I will just go on another medical leave and won’t come back until I am sound and fit to rule. Now, Nigerians are worried not seeing their president since he returned from UK. He has been ruling from home since he came back. I don’t think it’s worth it forcing himself on us when he knows right within himself that he is not medically fit to continue. The best thing now is just to hand over to Osinbajo so that we can progress. After all, the man was in charge when he wasn’t around and Nigerians were comfortable with his style of leadership.”


‘Buhari should just resign voluntarily’ – OBI NWACHUKWU

“It’s glaring that Buhari is very sick. So, the best thing for him now is to proceed on a long medical vacation so that he can take good care of his health. To me, it should be his health first before the country. Anybody can take ill at any time, but risking one’s life is abandoning one’s health. So, he should just hand over to Osinbajo instead of dying in office.”



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