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Nigerians back Buhari over criticism of N4.7 billion car loan for law makers

Nigerians have backed President Buhari after he expressed reservation at the outrageous over N4bn mooted for car loan for National Assembly members, adding that the lawmakers are insensitive to the nation’s plight.

Buhari noted at his maiden press chat on Wednesday, December 30, 2015 that he would be “holding a closed-door meeting with the National Assembly regarding the cars they are trying to buy.” Continuing, he said, “I hope they haven’t bought them yet. They can’t buy cars for themselves and also take money in car loans.”

Our correspondents spoke with the public who chorused their support for the president’s stance…


”The amount is outrageous’ – Michael Irabor

If the figures mentioned by the President in his maiden media chat are true, then it shows that our lawmakers have not only lost track of their calling but are insensitive to the plight of the citizens. That amount is outrageous! Are the lawmakers trying to say they actually need cars? I don’t think any of them lacks a car or cars for that matter to the point that they’ll need a loan of N4.7bn.

I think they should follow the President’s lead by placing the concern of the public above theirs, especially considering the way things are.


‘It feels like our lawmakers don’t live in this same country as we do’ – Mayowa Ojebola

Sometimes, it feels like our lawmakers don’t live in this same country as we do. Of all the problems facing us as a country, car loans? That is grossly irresponsible on their part! I read some newspaper reports where they denied such figures.


‘They want to use the issue of the car to extort the President’ – Mr. Amoda

I totally agree with the President because we all know his government is against corruption and the National Assembly just wants to use the issue of the car to extort the President.

The National Assembly are very insensitive because we all know how they behave when it comes to the issue of money and the satisfaction of their personal interest. We all know how they fought over public funds in the last administration.

I think what the President should do is to re-orientate the National Assembly about his government. He can set up a committee within his administration because he has veto power above the National Assembly. Even if they disagree, they can only debate the issue. I think very soon it will be a national issue.


‘Why will such amount be spent on cars…’ – Joy Akinbinu

Yes, I do, why will such amount be spent on cars when we have people suffering in this country. That money will go a long way in various sectors for Nigeria to be better. Things are taking shape, thank God for President Buhari.

The President should stand his ground by refusing to spend such amount of money on cars and if they insist, he should turn them down because there is a lot to do in this country with N4.7 billion.


‘These people are not there to represent us’ – Obi Uzor

What’s happening at the National Assembly has shown that they’re not there to represent the interest of the masses. I can’t blame President Muhammadu Buhari for opposing the move by the lawmakers to procure cars worth N4.7 billion when Nigeria’s economy is suffering.

That huge amount can be injected into any of these dying sectors and a difference will be made. All I know is that if at the end of four years, they fail to change Nigeria, Nigerians won’t hesitate to change them.


‘These people are only pretending’ – Adewale Mukaila

It’s clear now that most of these people are only pretending to be our representatives. They’re just there for their selfish interests. If at all it’s constitutional to have their cars replaced, they should have had a rethink in the interest of the masses.

Everybody knows that the economy is nose diving. So, why are they insisting on spending a whooping N4.7 billion on cars. After all, they all have exotic cars already. Even all the committees have cars for officials assignments.

I salute the courage of President Buhari for boldly kicking against unproductive and unnecessary expenses. What we all voted for is change not their individual wishes. They should come back home if they can’t do without bullet proof cars.


‘I think they are being insensitive’ – Oluwande Imoleayo

Yes, it is outrageous, giving them a bullet proof car is not bad, to be humane, but the money allotted is as much as what they get from the government. We voted these people to protect us, they also need to be protected but they must be able to sacrifice for the citizens.

I think they are being insensitive. N4.7 billion will go a long way to reduce the poverty level of the country, few jobs can be created, some of the university can be equipped for growth, proper ammunitions can be procured for the military and many more. So, why should they be so selfish to splash such amount on cars.

If such thing is to happen then their salary should be reduced because giving them such huge amount is at the perils of the citizen of this country. Their allowance is enough to get them the car.


‘This is an incredible amount…’ – Popoola Gabriel

This is an incredible amount and if there is any step about to be taken, for the approval of the N4.7 billion, it should be stopped with immediate effect. I do not think they have a deep thought, they do not consider the citizens and the huge debts the Federal Government is obliged to bear from the past administration.

Any member that appears adamant over the approval of this huge sum, should be sanctioned conserving the degree of economic impotence that engulfed the nation at the moment.


‘They are insensitive to our problems’ – Isaac Oluwagbemiga

Yes, it’s too much, in fact, it is outrageous. They are insensitive to our problems. I don’t think they are aware that Nigerians are suffering. He should stop them because he has the power to do so. He should not allow them to ruin his government.


‘The money is too much’ – Femi Solomon

I don’t think it is a good idea. The money is too much. The National Assembly has been known for flamboyance and self centeredness for ages so, this is not news. I overheard one of the members that they are meant to spend money and so cannot use the TSA. The constitution will determine Mr. President’s decision.


‘I like what President did’ – Amb. Lorenzo

Yes, I agree with the president. Yes, they are because our budget, majorly depends on how the oil prices are doing, so if that is all time low why can’t they adjust. The people who have elected them can as well recall them. The electorate, their constituents can decide to recall them and NGOs and civil rights organizations can also protest.


‘I agree with the President’ – Opeyemi Balogun

Yes, I do, I agree with the President because the money allocated to the House is too much. They are very insensitive and selfish. I don’t even think they need to buy them new cars.


‘I think there should be a way of dismissing their plan’ – Idowu Ganiyu

Of course, I agree with the president on this. They are very insensitive to the plight of the country. I think there should be a way of dismissing their plan.


‘I totally agree with him’ – Morenike Ajayi

Yes, I totally agree with him, they have started what they did during former President Jonathan’s regime. The members are truly insensitive. If they insist on buying those cars and pass the bill, we will protest against it, Nigerians won’t watch them destroy what we have been trying to do right.

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