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Nigerians back Buhari over criticism of N4.7 billion car loan for lawmakers (2)

Nigerians have backed President Buhari after he expressed reservation at the outrageous over N4bn mooted for car loan for National Assembly members, adding that the lawmakers are insensitive to the nation’s plight.

Buhari noted at his maiden press chat on Wednesday, December 30, 2015 that he would be “holding a closed-door meeting with the National Assembly regarding the cars they are trying to buy.” Continuing, he said, “I hope they haven’t bought them yet. They can’t buy cars for themselves and also take money in car loans.”

Our correspondents spoke with the public who chorused their support for the president’s stance…


‘The President should stand his ground’

– Njideka Madubuko

We are in such a sorrowful state where those elected to defend the interest of the masses and fight for their rights turn out to be the ones that inflict the most pain. That’s what’s playing out in the case of the lawmakers. How can they be thinking of purchasing cars in this our current situation? All 469 of them? It’s unthinkable! The money will run into billions.

The President should stand his ground and call a meeting with the leaders of the National Assembly to understand the thinking behind the plan because it makes no sense whatsoever. In extreme cases, extreme measures are taken. We’re in a sorrowful situation, let’s take such measures.


‘The money is outrageous’

– Angela James

Saying the money is outrageous is trying to be diplomatic. It’s worse than that. Those holding political offices are called leaders for a reason, they’re supposed to take the bull by the horn and drive the nation forward and not backwards like they are doing. I want to believe they all have their personal cars, so why are they hell-bent on new ones? I understand that they’ll need to move around and they’ll need cars that are in good condition to do that, but the lawmakers should also bear the cost in mind.


‘The cars they have are still functioning’

– Olusoji Afeez

Yes, I agree with the President that the money is outrageous and I totally disagree with the idea of giving them bullet proof cars. The cars they have are still functioning, they should continue to make use of them.

The country’s economy is in disarray and the only thing they can think of is to splash such huge amount on cars. We, the citizens just have to stand up to that and protest.


‘The masses have no power to stop them’

– Mr. Olayinka

It is outrageous, the masses are suffering and these people want to squander such amount of money. N4.7 billion is a huge amount of money, if they put the idea of bullet proof cars behind them and concentrate on the undergraduates and help them out by giving N5,000 monthly, that will go a long way in the lives of the citizens and the country.

The masses have no power to stop them, there is nothing we can do about the situation. I think we will just accept whatever they do, but I do not want it to happen.


‘Buying cars won’t be necessary if…’

– Ayo Oluwatayo

Buying cars won’t be necessary if you will still be collecting transport allowance. Obviously, they are insensitive to the country’s plight. Nigerians know how the country’s economy is and some people are still asking for such an amount of money. It’s very insensitive.

I think what he can do is to resolve the issue diplomatically.


‘They are just greedy’

– Tosin Ajewole

Yes, they are just greedy, they have cars already but they are looking for ways to inflate the prices of the new cars, which they don’t need now. A lot of things are happening, instead of suggesting ways of helping the needy, they want more money for their unborn generation. They dare not pass the law. Nigerians will not allow them.


‘They do not pity Nigerians at all’

– Jemilat Usman

Yes, I agree, they are more than insensitive. They do not pity Nigerians at all. They are just like their predecessors. The President should use veto power, we the masses will support him.


‘The money is actually too much’

– Tolashe Alabi

The money is actually too much. I agree with the President on that. They are not sensitive at all. I don’t expect them to act that way. It shows that they don’t have the interest of Nigerians at heart. I think he has the power to stop them. He should stop them before they waste our precious resources.


‘It is better to look into the matter before they waste that huge amount’

– Femi Sunday

Yes, I agree with it. It is better to look into the matter before they waste that huge amount. I am disappointed in them. They know the situation of the country and they are turning deaf ear to it. I don’t think it is fair. He should have the power to stop them.


‘They’re lots of areas the government can divert the money to’

– Grace Alibi

Clamouring for N4.7 billion cars by our lawmakers now that the economy is still stagnant is an act of wickedness. They’re lots of areas the government can divert the money to and will surely affect the lives of the masses positively.

I think I will support Buhari’s stance on the matter. Is it their constitutional right to acquire such expensive cars, they just have to exercise patience because of the situation of things at the moment. They can make do with their personal cars and emulate Buhari.


‘I don’t support the idea at all’

– Hope Okoro

I don’t support the idea of buying N4.7 billion bullet proof cars at this moment when Nigeria’s economy is crumbling. The lawmakers just have to forget that now. If they insist, that means they don’t have the interest of the masses in their agenda.


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