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Nigerians bitter over sharp drop in power supply

All hopes of enjoying uninterrupted power supply in 2017 has again been shattered as a sharp drop from 4,883.9 to 2,200 MW has been recorded lately worsening the already epileptic electricity supply across the country.

Some Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly sought their reactions about this downward trend expressed bitterness, calling on the Federal Government to pay serious attention to the sector so that the problems in the land can be at least half solved.


‘We have started burning fuel again, it’s sad’ – DONALD OBI

We have started badly this year again upon all what Fashola and Buhari promised us.  It’s a pity, they have started failing again. They said they have pumped in enough funds to boost the sector so that Nigerians can enjoy relatively stable electricity supply this year, but it’s nothing but a tale by moonlight now.

The situation has even gone worse now. I have been spending money on fuel since the beginning of this year. We hardly have light now unlike few months back when we had light like five or six hours in a day. The government just had to be serious about the issue. Many Nigerians depend on power supply either for domestic or commercial purpose. I believe the country’s problem is half solved if power sector is fixed.


‘We’re not really having it funny now’ – LOWO ADEYANJU

I live in Shaga, Lagos state. Before November 2016, I repaired my generator but I didn’t use it much because light was a little better in supply. But now, it’s like we’re back to square one as against the promise made by Fashola that electricity supply will be better this year.

Now that we have started the year with blackout, only God knows when that will end. It’s so painful that we can’t boast of uninterrupted power supply even for one month, and Nigeria is called Giant of Africa. Our leaders should be ashamed of themselves.”


‘I never put my hope in Buhari’s administration’ – KOLAWOLE YAHYA

The issue of light getting worse is not new to us in Nigeria. It’s even worse during Jonathan’s administration. So, why are we so much bothered now that the government is in the hand of Buhari who has not moved the country an inch since he came to power in 2015. I never believed in his government because he can’t do anything right apart from fighting corruption and sending the country backward economically.

The hope to restore Nigeria’s power sector is doubtful. They said the MW dropped due to lack of adequate liquefied natural gas as a result of the incessant blowing of oil pipelines by Niger Delta Avengers. If that is the case, that means there can’t be solution to the problem unless the fundamental issue is resolved. We pray that’s done before the end of this year so that the whole system won’t collapse.


‘Electricity in my area has gone from good to bad’ – FUNKE SUNDAY (Ipaja)

Electricity in my area has gone from good to bad. At times, they would blink it more than two times within five minutes. We can have light for four hours in a day and that is all. There are days we wouldn’t even  have light at all. To make things worse, they ration light. The day we are supposed to be on is when they wouldn’t bring the light till midnight.

I live in an estate, when we moved there, the light was okay. We had light for 24 hours at times. Even if they took it, within 10 minutes, it would be restored. But the story has changed now.


‘Light is not constant again’ – JOHN OLATUNJI (Iju)

Light in my area is no more as constant as it used to be. We may not have light during the day. It may be three hours a day. And nothing at night. Funny enough, they bring exorbitant bills monthly.


‘We don’t have constant light anymore’ – AFOLABI KEHINDE (Ogun State)

We don’t have constant light anymore. They also ration the light. It is usually on and off. We may have light for 10 minutes, they will take it and bring it back in four hours, it can stay for 30 minutes and it will be taken again. Till the following day.

‘Light is no more good in Nigeria’ – ATINUKE OLADEJO (Ogba)

We hardly see light in Ogba, Lagos. At times they may not bring it in a day. Sometimes they might give us for 40 minutes and take it again. That might be the end for that day. And it stays longer at times but generally, light is no more good in Nigeria.

A lot of my friends have the same complain even outside Lagos state.



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