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Nigerians blast APC for saying fours years not enough to fulfill mandates

Nigerians have come for All Progressives Congress for saying four years is not enough to fulfill all their promises.

 In an opinion poll done to know the mind of Nigerians about this, they blasted the party for turning the country to what it is…


Daniel Johnson

They should show us what they have achieved first before they can tell us that four years is not enough. If there is no evidence in four years, even if you give them twenty years, they wouldn’t achieve anything. They are bunch of unserious elements.


Femi Keda

They should come out clearly and tell us they are stylishly campaigning for another tenure. For God’s sake, they still have two more years to spend, why are they giving up already? They should continue the work and leave the decision making to Nigerians.


Ngozi Okeke

I think they are being unfair with that statement. Some other members have performed wonderfully well. Lagos state is a good example. They are just reducing their credibility score by saying such. Most of them should sit up and perform, they still have more years of hard work. If they are tired, they should tell Nigerians.


Mercy John

I know it would come to this. APC is a party of failed promises. They can’t keep up to any of the promises they have made, I can’t wait for their tenure to be over. I pray we vote them out soon. They are not lying about that statement at all.


Shola Akindiji

Why wouldn’t they complain. See what the country has turned to. There is hunger in the land, no employment, terrorism is on the rise. If we have to be sincere, the past regime is better, things were not upside down like it is now. It is obvious that they don’t have the solution. If we give them more years, things would go worse.


Helen Negedu

The party has nothing to offer except to make promises. I am not surprised that they have not fulfilled any of their promises. Just a very few are there to work, others came to enrich their pockets


Onifede Samuel

They don’t deserve another opportunity. Once beaten, twice shy. They should be ready to vacate the seat for those who can achieve something meaningful in four years. They are not serious.


– Shade Wesley Metibogun for 




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