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Nigerians call for slash of Senators’ salaries and allowances

They’re inconsiderate’, they chorus

On the heels of rumoured salaries and allowances of senators as posted on social media recently which put their monthly total package at about N30 million, Nigerians from different quarters have been clamouring for a downward review of the outrageous package.

A cross section of Nigerians sought their views on it also poured out their anger, describing the Upper Chamber occupants as inconsiderate individuals. They, however, called for a downward review of the emolument to reflect the present state of the country’s economy.


‘It’s too outrageous’ – EMMANUEL NNANA

“Left to me, the money is just too much person, even if the economy is buoyant let alone this time the country is yet to stabilise. The total package for a senator per annum is going to be about N354 m. That’s if what we’re reading on social media is anything to count on. They are  there because of the masses, not for their personal gains. Most of what they collect all these bogus allowances for are unnecessary because they already have them in excess. Even, left to me, we don’t need bi camera legislature, it’s too expensive.  And there are lots of poor masses out there that can’t eat even two square meals daily. So, they don’t seem to be considerate at all. The money is just too much, it has to be reviewed to reflect the state of the nation’s economy.”


‘They’re all greedy’ – SOLOMON ADUNOLA

“I think they’re all too greedy. They need to be told if they pretend not to know. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the amount. It shows they’re insensitive to the plight of the masses. They’re inconsiderate. They’re just a bunch of pretenders, they’re not serving us at all. Both their salaries and allowances are outrageous, they should be reviewed. Even if the economy is not sick, the amount is just too much. It should be adjusted downwards. I don’t think Nigeria can continue to maintain them.”


‘We can’t even feel their impact’ – SALISU IBRAHIM

“To me, they don’t deserve to be paid that much. Nigerian masses can’t feel their impact. They’re all thieves. The money is just too much, if at all the constitution supports it. They should consider the hungry masses and adjust. How much is the minimum wage? Is it more than N18,000? What can that solve in the problems of a junior worker? And a senator will be smiling home every month with millions of naira at the expense of the masses. All the allowances are fraudulent, they should even be cut off or reduced drastically.”




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