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Nigerians commend removal of portraits from Lagos road

Nigerians reacts to the removal of celebrities portraits from Lagos road Sequel to the removal of celebrities portraits from Lagos roads, Nigerians have reacted to that move . In an opinion poll conducted by, Nigerians stated that the portraits shouldn’t have been kept on the major roads in the first place.

According to Kehinde, “I think the Government should be questioned, there must be a motive behind it. The ceremony is closing on May 27, why removing them before the ceremony would be rounded up.”

Akintunbi Oluwasegun also said, “It is sheer rubbish, they just wasted our money in the first place. After all it has been controversial in the first place.”

Also adding his opinion, Kunle Akinfemi noted, ” I think they are just trying to make peace and avoid the many controversies trailing the images.”

“They shouldn’t have put those images there in the first place. They should have considered the pros and cons before putting the images there. I support the removal hundred percent” Adebisi.

A couple of weeks back, portraits of celebrities graced Lagos roads in celebrations of Lagos at 50. Since that move, a lot of controversies have trailed the calibre of people their portraits appeared on the road.

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