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Nigerians Condemn Abuja Bomb Blast (2)

The Nyanya, Abuja bomb blast of Monday, April 13, 2014, which killed about 100 people, leaving scores injured has been considered the worst of Boko Haram attacks in recent times. A lot of Nigerians, home and abroad, have condemned the heinous and barbaric act in its totality, calling for federal government’s urgent action on it.

When ENCOMIUM Weekly sought the reactions of some Nigerians on the shocking incident, they all poured out their heart, insisting that the perpetrators must be fished out and prosecuted. 

‘I feel it is something we should not experience’


I can still see the pictures of the site in my mind. I also saw the horrific pictures of mangled bodies. I feel it is something we should not experience. We should intensify efforts at ending this insurgency problem as soon as possible before it gets worse.

‘It is terrible but not surprising’


I would not say I was so shocked. It is terrible but not surprising. They bombed the UN building and nothing happened, so it’s not new. I don’t think it’s up to us as citizens to start making suggestions. There are people receiving large sums of money to take care of such intelligence. I think what the government needs is courage to take the necessary steps.

‘Nigerians should be more conscious of their environment’


I feel very sad each time I watch how the victims died on television, and some being rushed to the hospital. It is so devastating. Nigerians should be more conscious of their environment, and the government needs to take Boko Haram serious now before they destroy all of us.

‘There is nothing to be done than…’


It demoralizes me each time I hear of such occurrence. I and all Nigerians are not safe. We hear rumours of Boko Haram in Ibadan and Lagos state now. So, it is so depressing. There is nothing to be done than providing adequate security.

‘The government is not doing enough at all’


Condemnable and senseless. The government is not doing enough at all, they are playing politics with human lives. Government is not doing enough that’s why the insurgency persists.


‘The Nigerian government must beef up our security network’


Nigeria is gradually turning to a terrorist country and this is strange. The Nigerian government must beef up our security network.

‘It is not encouraging at all’


It’s a simple thing. Even if my relative or friend was not involved, it is human beings that died. It is not encouraging at all. It is a sad story. These killers have godfather and sponsors. If you fish out their godfathers and sponsors, you can deal with them.

‘Politicians are behind it’


Those that are killing people, I don’t think they are human beings, because if they are human beings, they would feel the way I normally do when I hear such things. I think it’s all party politics, and some politicians want to win by all means.

I think politicians are behind it because they can do anything to win power.

‘God will help this country’


God will help this country. What we need in this country is God’s mercy, because the killing in this country is getting out of hand. In short, we need God’s mercy in this country.

‘If Boko Haram should kill the president…’


It is a very pathetic incident. Innocent lives were wasted just like that. May God have mercy on Nigeria. They are not, everything has been politicized. If Boko Haram should kill the president, vice president or any other member of their families, may be they will wake up.

‘If Nigeria is not well taken care of, it will soon collapse’


It is very sad. We have lost so many innocent souls in Nigeria in five years. We can only pray for God to intervene. To me, I don’t believe we have a government, just a bunch of space fillers. If Nigeria is not well taken care of, it will soon collapse.

‘It is inhuman to have this kind of mindset against innocent’


The problem is obvisouly political. Remember they usually have solution to making sure they win election at all costs. It is inhuman to have this kind of mindset against innocent and harmless people. The government, I mean politicians, should solve this problem with the same mindset to win their elections. Let the same rigour be put in place to unravel this evil people.

‘I wonder why they target the common man’


It is the highest level of terrorism. For innocent people at Nyanya to see death face to face but could not help themselves is a terrific thing. I wonder why they target the common man. The blast has truly destroyed some bread winners, promising young stars and best brains.

Please, tell the government to wake up to the reality of the insurgency. Some families have been wiped out by the killings. Trace their hideout with thorough search. If need be, employ foreign expects. Obama promised to get Osama and he did. Let the president also capture Boko Haram and win the heart of the country.

‘I sympathize with the victims’ parents


The Abuja bomb blast is most regrettable, especially when we thought we have almost won the battle against insurgents. I only pray they wouldn’t attack civilians again. I also advise that security agencies should continue to be vigilant as Boko Haram and other agents of darkness get deadlier.

The state of emergency in some states of the north east should also be extended.

‘It’s a sad development’


It’s worrisome that insurgents are giving the nation serious headache. The last attack on Easter that claimed several lives is very painful and we pray nothing like that happens again. The federal government should also do more to protect lives and property of Nigerian citizens. As an artist, I say let there be peace in our nation.

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