Nigerians condemn N20m accommodation allowance requested  by ministers

The N20 million accommodation allowance requested by ministers in a meeting with the President held on Wednesday, March 27, 2016 has generated a lot of reactions from Nigerians. The Ministers of Youth and Sports who spoke n behalf of the other ministers made it known that most of them (ministers) have not been able to get a decent accommodations for themselves and this is having great effect on their job. He then made mention that the part administration paid N20 m accommodation fee for ministers and also requested that they be paid the same amount as against the N4 million they are receiving which could not get them a decent accommodation. ENCOMIUM Weekly brings you reactions from Nigerians in these interviews.


ABOABA OLABISI – This is very ridiculous, I assume they are paid salaries. Why can’t they just secure an accommodation for themselves? The earlier they realized that things have changed the better for them. It’s good the President walked out on them.


AJANI OYINKANSOLA – Why are these people like this for God’s sake? Can’t they see things are not in order? Is this the right time to ask for such? Who amongst them would say he doesn’t have his own house or that he doesn’t have a roof over his head? God should just help us in this country because I don’t know what to say.


MAKINDE OLUMUYIWA – So, after the huge sum of money they collect as salaries, they still have the guts to ask for accommodation allowance when civil servants, with the peanuts they are being paid, don’t collect accommodation fee. The ministers are not in their right senses.


ROTIMI TAIWO – I don’t blame them if they want accommodation allowance, it should be part of the benefits of being a minister after all senators  too collect all kinds of allowance. But I don’t think this is the right time for them to request for such, I mean the economy is so harsh. The nation cannot afford to pay each of them such ridiculous  amount of money. It should be negotiable.


JOHNSON OLUWAPELUMI – Wonders shall never cease. In a country where people are suffering like this and the government is trying to cut down some costs. So, some people can actually gather themselves to ask for N20 million accommodation allowance for each of them annually? Which means, if they would serve the country for four years, it would be N80 million for each person. This does not included their main salaries and other benefits. They should continue to drag thier country backward and when things get out of hand, they should travel out of the country to live the humble life they don’t want to like here and pay huge tax to build another mean’s country.


DUROWOJU SIMISOLA – I will advise the President negotiate with them to get things in order. They deserve decent accommodation so they can perform their duties well. If the President refuses to settle this people, they would not do what they suppose to do giving the excuse of not having a decent accommodation and this would further slow down things in the country. We don’t want anything that will cause move problems in this country, they should please solve their accommodation problems so that they can get down to work.


AROGUNDADE ESTHER – These people won’t stop being hypocritical, they would not stop being self centred and greedy. Before they became minister, how were they coping anytime they go to Abuja? They won’t tell us they’ve not been there to transact businesses before they become ministers. Is N4 million not enough to secure an apartment or is it mansion they want to build? I assume they are there to serve. They are not helping this country with their action.


OLUSOLA OPE – I will not say that I support the ministers, but I still think they need good accommodation to carry out their duties. I am very familiar with Abuja and I know how much it costs to get accommodation there. In some areas in the Federal Capital Territory, you must have nothing less than N10 m to get accommodation, some N12 million and some N8 million. Maybe they shouldn’t have asked for N20 million, when it’s not that they want to build a house there. After all, their appointment is not permanent. N20 million is too much, they should try and reduce it.


GIDEON – I don’t know when these people will realize that our graves are not more than six feet and stop building mansions. How can they ask for such in this present situation? It only shows that they are not willing to serve us, they are just there to make money. The president should just make them realize the country cannot afford what they are demanding.


FUNKE OLUWAFEMI – Why should they give them such an outrageous amount of money after the million they collect as salary. I don’t think so. I will suggest they start earning the same thing civil servant earn after all they are there to serve.


AMARACHI NWOSU – No, that is wickedness and selfishness. Must they live in mansions before they do their work? It will amount to wastage of money.


RAYMOND – Proposing N20 million accommodation for each ministers is wickedness and it really shows their selfish interest. They don’t need to be in a mansions before they can serve their fatherland. I think the president did the right thing by walking out on them.


SAMUEL ANUOLUWAPO – Why should they be given such amount of money? Were they living on the streets before they became ministers? Even the poor man on the street is struggling to pay N5,000 naira monthly rent . This is wickedness.


IBRAHIM SALISU – It’s outrageous for the ministers to be asking for N20 million accommodation allowance. Don’t they have mansions of their own? If truly they’re there to serve us. I don’t think they should be clamouring for any accommodation allowance, especially going by what the economy is saying now.

They’re just a bunch of selfish individuals. To me, they don’t need the money. And if the constitution says they deserve it, they should reduce it to what’s normal and must conform with the principles of austerity measure ball championed by Buhari.


CHIAMAKA JOHNSON – They’re all thieves. How can they be asking for N20 million as accommodation allowance? They should just stop pretending. It’s now clear that they’re not representing the interest of the massed. I am even tired of this administration. They should just resign if they know they couldn’t serve us without the allowance.

After all, they all own beautiful houses in choice areas in Abuja and other parts of the country. They should stop deceiving us.


ADEYEMI SALAKO – I was shock when I heard the news. It doesn’t make any sense to me. N20 million is just too much in thus harsh economy we are all facing. Well some set of people are faced with the hardship while government officials are living on abundance. We need to have a rethink. Those ministers requesting for N20 million accommodation should publicly tell us themselves that they can’t afford accommodation in Abuja.

Originally they were paid N4 million annually for accommodation, so, why requesting for more outrageous amount for accommodation. It’s absurd.


TAIYE ADELANI – I don’t see it as the fault of the ministers, it’s the fault of the past administration. They have been paying them meaningless allowance. If there will be need to get an accommodation in Abuja, the government should provide accommodation for them in Abuja and not giving each minister N20 million. That is just too much, they should consider the hardship we are all facing and not their own selfish interest.



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