Nigerians condemn stampede at NIS recruitment (2)

The tragedy that characterised the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) recruitment test which held on Saturday, March 15, 2014, still remains an item on the lips of many Nigerians.

Those that ENCOMIUM Weekly sought their reactions lampooned the government and the organisers of the ill-fated exercise which claimed 19 lives, all at a time…


It is such a sad occurrence really. May God have mercy on Nigeria. Definitely, if the government cannot provide for the citizens, why are they there in the first place?

I pray the government will arise to its responsibility, if not, things might get worse.


It is uncalled for. It’s the height of corruption in Nigeria. I will blame the government. There is so much corruption in high places. Imagine the number of candidates they collected money from and they ended up killing some of them.

I will also blame the applicants. When they saw such a huge crowd, they should have left. Some of them should know that there will definitely be a stampede with the size of the crowd.

We just need to turn to God and seek His face. If not, things may get worse.


In the first place, we should ask why it got to such height when there is a leader in that place. I will blame it on the community leader. He is the eye of the people and the government. One way or the other, he should know what is happening within his community.

Let the government or the law decide. People will be biased if they are to decide.


It is so pathetic. Quite unbelievable that such ungodly act is happening in such a place. Thank God it was discovered. I will blame it on security lapses. Look at what is happening in Nigeria, as a result of security lapses.

The court should decide but it shouldn’t end the way of other cases, most especially as an influential person is involved.


It’s a slap on the country. The incident is an indication that we can’t organize anything successfully. The crowd was too much but if it was properly controlled, the stampede could have been avoided.

We can’t blame it all alone on the organizers but the applicants as well. Also, the government has its own share of the fault. The tragedy was due to lack of organization and impatience on the part of applicants.


It’s a barbaric exercise. Left to me, the tragedy was avoidable if the situation was properly managed. Nigeria Immigration Service and the federal government must apologize to all Nigerians, especially the families of the victims. And the organizers should be brought to book.


We are still mourning those young people who paid the supreme price while searching for means of livelihood. The federal government should be sued for wasting the lives of these people.

It is not about giving the families of the deceased jobs, they should also be compensated. The Minister of Internal Affairs, Abba Moro should be fired!


It is only God that will save this country. I think what happened weeks back in Ibadan should be an eye opener to our leaders on the dangers ahead. With over 10 million youths unemployed, anything can happen.

Government should make serious effort to create jobs and empower Nigerians, especially youths. The immigration recruitment tragedy should also be thoroughly investigated.


The incident was terrible but I think it could have been averted if it was well organized. The organizers and the government are to blame. It was not the fault of the applicants.

The whole thing boils down to unemployment in the country. Our government should learn a big lesson from the pathetic occurrence and work towards creating job opportunities.


It is stupid and foolish for such a thing to happen in Nigeria. The government should be highly blamed for such a cruel incident.

It portends corruption, increased rate of robbery, hooliganism and idleness.


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