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Nigerians create fun out of triple kill joys – petrol scarcity, power outages and heat

The triple kill joys of petrol scarcity, power outages and heat continue to torment Nigerians without let. And as money becomes scarcer and happiness elusive, compatriots are finding avenues to amuse themselves.

The unfriendly atmosphere has created jokers and comedians out of us as we find fun in the current punishment …


Kemi Remi-Dairo – Letter of Apology Dear NNPC, Please forgive me and other Nigerians for helping you look for your missing $20billion instead of minding our ‘own business ‘.We were misled by the following :1. Sanusi; who said “your money” was missing when you, “the owner” has not said “your money” is missing. 2. APC; who said the money must be accounted for when you “the owner ” is not complaining.3. House of Representatives ; who said you should account for all your income since the past 5yrs. Now that you’re angry with us and we have felt your anger in the petrol stations around the country (fuel scarcity) , the 3 groups that put us in this problem with you have not said anything and don’t have any alternative. We have no other choice but to ask you for forgiveness. Please give us fuel.You are aware that your sister, PHCN is also angry with us for how she was sold and has since refused to give us power.My fear is that if you don’t do something urgent now that our brothers in the north are still busy killing people, our brothers in the south may use the small fuel left in their homes to set a few “things” ablaze and Fire Services don’t even have fuel and water to respond. We promise not to ask you about “your missing money” again if you can resume fuel supply biko!!!Truly yours


Kissinger Ikeokwu – If Nigerians meekly accept fate and suffer ‪#‎FuelScarcity for two more months then the joke is on us. Insist on the ‪#‎ChangeYouVoted.


Emmanuel Chidozie Julius – Fuel Scarcity is biting harder The Minister of Petroleum is on a trip to Iran The Minister of Information is talking about social media…The affairs ofNigerians well being is like a joke to this present government‪#‎FuelScarcity


Dele Beulah Odumosu – After buhari was announced as the winner of the presidential election, people started trekking for him (man trekked 4rm Lagos to Abuja). We thought they were insane; never knew they were being prophetic – they saw the future.

Now everybody is trekking…..Whether you like it or not u must trek 😀😀…..Now Nigeria is in the period of mass trekking for buhari.

Well, all the same the children of Israel trekked from Egypt to the promise land…..It’s now our turn; Nigerians are trekking to there promise land….

Tell your neighbour, say neighbour, I will ‘trek’ there before you.

God bless you as you Trek….



Amaechi Chinonso Emmanuel – It all started like a Joke when some Nigerians decided to trek for Buhari and Goodluck……… But now the government wants everybody to trek….‪#‎FuelScarcity.


Mudasiru Adebayo Salami – At least adults can adjust. It’s sad that all 3 can affect children with severe consequences. How do you explain the heat, no diapers and no ogi/formula to the infant staring at you at 3am? That’s some parents’ daily reality…….


Osagiobare Noguese Paul – With all the money budgeted for generators and consumables…. Huh….. If na Nepa now we go shout ‪#‎NEPA DON CARRY LIGHT.. FOR THIS LET’S SHOUT ASSEMBILY DON CARRY MONEY FOR LIGHT.. THE QUESTION IS NA WHO WE GO ASK……….. HUH


Olatunde Nicholas – KACHICKWU APOLOGISED TO NIGERIANS…Listening to minister of state for petroleum now….I can see seriousness in His statement by publicly apologizing for what He called a joke when He said He was not a magician……..this is how Governance should be…we pray that his promise to make petroleum products available by mid April raised better hope. We pray that God will help us in solving this problem once and for all…MY QUESTION IS…WHEN WILL OUR AMIABLE FASHOLA APOLGISE TO NIGERIANS FOR POWER OUTAGE AND IRRESPONSIBLE BILLING SYSTEM……


Abdulmumin K. Suleiman – The power of will superb any power. With determination and hardwork we shall achieve this milestone.


Damilola Shoomoni Sekoni – Opposition figures are responsible for the present fuel scarcity in Nigeria and power outages especially in South West- PDP chairman.

A honest man is he who owns up to responsibilities, faces them and successfully turns the tide. PDP has never for once owned up to responsibilities but would rather work on the sentiments of gullibleNigerians. Their best vocabulary is ‘Sabotage’ or the ‘Opposition is undermining our efforts’. Such a pity that at this age, such could be peddled by a sitting government. The day Obama or any American President utters such is the last day he ceases to be in power as it shows he’s not capable. I leave PDP and their cronies with this ‘He who the gods wants to kill, he first makes mad’


Tinu Odunuga – Nigerians are resilient but no doubt the most enduring beings on earth! How on earth can anyone cope without electricity yet never miss social media updates and jokes? No fuel but still resume work at 5am or 8am? To crown it all, the heat alone replicates the same in Sahara desert. Why? How do new babies, expectant mothers, kids, sick people and the elderly cope? President Buhari, do something now please! Tinoshow.

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