Nigerians Demand Prompt Delivery Of Democracy Dividends

The 9-month span of Mr. Muhammadu Buhari’s presidency is not long enough to pass final judgments on his stewardship but good enough to predict the future of Nigeria. ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with Nigerians who bared their minds on the president’s performance since he assumed office.


OKOLI SAVIOR – Let us not deceive ourselves, Nigeria is bad, Buhari is not working. Before he was voted in, everybody was shouting change, him and his party members were promising heaven and earth, deceiving people. At the end of the day, he gave us bad change.

All those shouting Sa Baba then have cooled down now that Baba didn’t give them anything. Shame on Nigeria.


ADEJOKE – I voted for Buhari last year but he has disappointed me and the whole of Nigeria. Things are so hard nowadays that if a man is able to feed his family three times daily, such man is a king. Everybody is complaining, except those that have stolen our money. If Buhari knows that he is too old for the job, he should let another person do it.


OMONIYI OLUSHOLA – I will not be part of those blaming the president for the situation of things in the country. I know it is not easy to be the head of a country like Nigeria where corruption has eaten deep in the society. Nigerians should just be patient with him, he will deliver.


HAMZA NAFISAT – Things are really bad at the moment but I’ll urge Nigerians to keep praying for the nation. We should pray against poverty and famine. What we are expecting the leaders to do for us can only be achieved through unity and collective effort.

We avoid violence and co-operate with the government.


OLUWASEYI – In a situation like this, where nobody knows what is wrong, only those at the top can explain what is happening. What we the poor masses need to do is just pray to God to guide our leaders right, so that they can feel our pains and come to our rescue. But we hope for better days now that the budget has been passed.


OJO EMMANUEL – I’m really short of words, I don’t know what to believe anymore. But I don’t want to admit that that man that I voted for is inflicting suffering on those who voted him into power. I think I trust him to some extent and I would say that what he has been doing is to lay a good and solid foundation for the kind of government we’ve been yearning for. We will soon start enjoying his tenure, I believe.


JELEEL BABATUNDE – I believe the president is trying his best. We voted change not magic. Nigerians are complaining because they don’t know that a lot of damage had been done to this country in the past and it would take years of good governance to get things back in place.

I think we should continue to pray for the president and our country, there is surely light at the end of the tunnel.


DIEKOLA ADENIYI – I think he’s doing well, but to be sincere, he is being too slow. Why can’t he just leave those that have looted nigeria’s money in the past to God and face his own primary assignment? There is no money outside, people are not happy. We want to see the change we voted for.


MRS. ADEBAYO – He is working but it is slow. He should find solution to this rise in dollars, fuel scarcity and electricity supply but everyone knows that it will not be done at once. It will be a step after the other. All I know is that God will lead him through.


MRS. FOLAKE – I am not happy at all with the way the president’s regime is going. We are not seeing the change as promised not even enjoying it for a second. More hands should be on deck so that we can enjoy our civic rights because the way I am seeing things now, we are heading nowhere ahead of the future if we continue like this. I am begging the president on behalf of my family to save souls, so we could survive in the nearest future.


AGBO – President Buhari is trying his best, the change is here. It is we Nigerians that are rubbishing his name. One cannot be patient to get what he/she wants. The change is a gradual process. The president only heeds support from us. It is not going to come in just 9 or 10 months he had just spent in office. Give him time. He is human like me and you.


FALANA – We said we wanted change but we have not seen it yet. It’s almost a year since he assumed office, yet nothing to show for it. No improvement, in fact things are getting worse by the day. No fuel, there is hike in food prices just because dollar has risen. Everything has turned upside down yet he travels all the time, wasting our money on unnecessary trips. God should just take control.


MRS. SHODIPO – He is really trying and I pray God should continue to help him. At least, he has worked hard to eliminate corruption. It is not easy. Things have really been damaged before he assumed office. He is not going to fix everything overnight. Nigerians should just be patient with him.


MRS. BIMBO AKINTOLA – President Buhari’s regime is something else, I cannot really explain what is going on and as a matter of fact, we voted for ‘change’ but it has not been positive at all. We are only experiencing the negative change in all ramifications.

I think the ‘big men’ on top should convert the negative change into something positive.


BAYO TOLU – There is no infrastructural development anywhere, he just used the agenda of change to deceive us to vote for him. I am not happy at all in this era that we are, things are slow and not steady. Despite the low level of our country, at least he would have started something tangible for us to see. It has just been promises after promises, action has not been taking place.


MRS. ENDURANCE – People should stop blaspheming the innocent Buhari. Roman was not built in a day. How do they want him to change the economy in just a twinkle of an eye? He is human and as a matter of fact, let’s accord him that respect and be patient with him. A patient dog eats the fattest bone.


WOLE JOHN – I am so angry with President Buhari’s regime, he is frustrating us and as a matter of fact, our future is at stake. How can somebody who assumed office over 9 months now could not do anything tangible for us to see? We have just been hearing only empty promises, God should please show up in this deadly menace in the country.


FELIX – I am not happy at all with the way the president’s regime is going. It was not as bad as this in Jonathan’s time. We still ate three times daily but now see how things are going and we voted for change but we are not seeing the change we voted for.


AKINLADE – I don’t want to talk about Buhari’s regime at all, I can’t see the work that he had done since he took over power, we are just suffering. He should forget about who has stolen money. So that he can concentrate on other things. Because we have not heard anything about the money he has collected so far.


MRS. BABATUNDE – He is trying because he has been working on anti-corruption. Now that the budget has been passed, I know there will be change. What I will advice Nigerians is to be patient with him. It is a gradual process.


MISS ALIBI – He has been promising us but we have not seen the promise. It is annoying. God should help us in this country because we don’t know where we are heading to.

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