Nigerians disagree over dollar subsidy for pilgrims

Nigerians have condemned federal government subsidy on dollar for those going for pilgrims.

So, in an opinion poll conducted by ENCOMIUM Weekly, respondents insisted this is not the best of times to take such a decision as the country is going through serious economic recession and it simply amount to waste of resources…


‘You don’t mix religion with politics’ -DR. ADEWALE TOBILOBA

There going for hajj can get subsidized dollars but those going for important things like education and surgeries don’t get. Why will a nation subsidize dollars for a tour while the economy is crumbling. The government has done the right thing at the wrong time. It is high time Buhari realizes that you don’t mix religion with politics and economy. It is very unreasonable for the federal government to subsidize dollar for pilgrims when others are getting it for about N400.


‘Religion is meant to be a private affair’ – OMOBORIOWO KARIMAT

Religion is meant to be a private affair, so why make it a public issue? This consideration would have been better if it was made in the area of education, importation and health sector. Going on pilgrimage is a tour and not a business our government should be concerned about.


‘It is absolute insanity’ -PAUL OKUPE

It is madness, absolute insanity and gross abuse of public office. How can Buhari grant dollar subsidy for muslim pilgrims at the expense of Nigerian economy. This is the same subsidy he denied manufacturers and businessmen building the economy. He also denied parents training their kids abroad with this subsidy. Now, he’s granting it for a purpose that has no economic value to the nation. Of what benefit is hajj pilgrimage to the nation.


‘It is a wrong step in the wrong direction’ -DHIKRULLAH ALENIYAN

I am a muslim brother and I do not agree with the action of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on this especially during this our economy and I think it is not the way forward for the country.

It is a wrong step in the wrong direction. If they cannot afford to pay for their pilgrimage, they better sit down at home.


‘I don’t think it is a wise decision’ -FUNKE SOLOMON

I don’t think it is a wise decision to make at this critical time. It is like forcing them to go for pilgrimage there are a lot of Nigerians who have not eaten today and don’t have hope of eating because there is no money to feed. Why waste money on luxury. Going to pilgrimage does not amount to anything as far as I am concerned. They are wasting the nation’s resources. After all, most of them go there to steal and disgrace the country. The government should think otherwise.


‘The government is abusing its power’  -FOLAKE IBILOLU

I don’t support that move at all. Businessmen and women were denied that privilege, why should it be given to people going on pilgrimage. The government is abusing its power and giving room for wasteful spending.


‘The President should think before making decision’’  -CHARLES OWODIALE

It will be a crime for me if I don’t criticize Buhari for this. A lot have been said about Buhari being bias about religious appointment and things like that, but I didn’t see it as anything. This particular move by the President can divide our country. I think on daily basis, if this religious biased decision continues, it means the country will be at war. President Buhari should sit back and think before making decision that can tear our economy apart.


‘It is a mind-boggling decision’ -OLATUNJI OSHINTOYE

It is a mind-boggling decision by President Buhari. I don’t understand the whole thing anymore. Why do we pretend to be very religious and yet we are very ungodly in our ways. Now our president wants to subsidize foreign exchange for muslim pilgrims neglecting those using it to transact business that will boost the economy.

I don’t support this at all. Enough is enough.


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