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Nigerians Disagree with Lai Muhammed over remark on recession

‘We’re yet to get over it,’ they chorus

Nigerians from different parts of the country have been criticising the comment by Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Muhammed that Nigeria’s economy has bounced back and that recession which has been tormenting Nigerians, especially the average ones for almost two years, has gone back to where it came from. And that it’s time for celebration for winning the war against the economic menace.

However, as usual, went round to seek the opinions of some concerned Nigerians over the issue. Those we spoke to disagreed with the minister and echoed former president Olusegun Obasanjo’s voice which insisted that the economy is not in any way booming as being painted by the Federal Government. They argued that prices of goods and services, with the exception of few, are still on the high side which has, in turn, worsened the standard of living in the country.


‘I totally disagree with Lai Muhammed’ – UDOM EKEMMNI

“I can’t agree with Lai Muhammed that economy has bounced back fully and the recession is over. There’s nothing like that at all. The reason is that prices of most commodities and services are still not easy to come by, especially by for the poor. The fact that those at the top can afford three square meals now doesn’t mean everything has levelled up everywhere. As I speak, my children didn’t eat before going to bed yesterday. And this morning, I had to borrow money from a friend for them to go to school today. Just check it out and tell me where exactly life has become cheaper than what Nigerians have been experiencing in the past two years. Lai Muhammed and his party are full of lies and unnecessary propaganda. We don’t need to be told, we will surely feel it if the recession has gone out of our economy.”


‘It’s purely untrue’ – SUNNY EKWEREMADU

“I humbly disagree with Lai Muhammed that recession has become a thing of the past. It’s purely untrue and a careless statement. He should come out with facts to substantiate his claim. We’re still fully in recession. To me, nothing has changed at all. The man should just go and sit down.”


‘That’s a careless statement’ – JOHN ODIGIE

“If the recession has gone, it’s not Lai Mohammed that will tell us. It’s the masses that will display it in their day to day activities. I don’t know Lai Muhammad’s criteria and I don’t want to know. All I know is that recession is still very much around. Nigeria still has a long way to go in ensuring that the economy bounces back.”


‘It’s rubbish’ – TITILAYO AYOOLA

“I think the man just likes saying anything he likes because he’s the minister of information. Lai Muhammed is just covering his party’s ineffectiveness in turning the economy around. No sensible Nigerian will ever believe Lai Muhammed on that. It’s a lie, we’re still in recession. The economy still remains as it was since the past 10 months.


‘Nothing has changed at all’ – ISIAKA SANUSI 

“I am not an economist neither am I in government, but all I know is that if there’s any positive change In Nigeria’s economy, average Nigerians should first tell it not any minister.I totally disagree with Lai Muhammed. Maybe because there’s a little drop in the prices of grains, that’s why the minister said the recession has gone finally. I think he was not being fair in his statement. There’s nothing wrong with telling these masses the truth. If they like, they identify with your party in 2019; and if they don’t like, they opt for any available alternative.”


‘I think Lai Muhammed was misinformed’ – JULIUS SALAS

“I am not sure the man really understands what he’s saying. How can he say Nigerians should be rejoicing that the economy has bounced back fully? We don’t need to be told if that has happened, we only need to experience it. Maybe he was informed and that’s why he’s also misinforming us.”


‘The economy is still very weak’ – ISAAC ADELOWO

‘Where’s the strength yet in Nigeria’s economy unless we want to continue deceiving ourselves? Even former president Olusegun Obasanjo has disagreed with the Federal Government on several occasion on that. The economy has not improved here at home, maybe because our foreign reserve has improved could have been the only reason for the government’s positive remark on the economy. I think there should be more to that. To mee, the country’s economy is still very weak and more work has to be done to bring the economy back to its glory.”


‘Nigerians are still watching’ – SALISU IBRAHIM

“Nothing has really changed in the economy. And if by the end of this year, no improvement yet, I am sure Nigerians would surely change this government. Although things have spoilt beyond expectation before the government took over, that does not warrant all this delay. Many people are still suffering.Only a few people are enjoying.  Those who are enjoying are not up to 10 percent of Nigeria’s population. So, tell me what has changed since the beginning of this year.


‘Nothing to be happy about yet’ – RAUF AGBOOLA

“it’s not true. Nothing has really changed. Most Nigerians are even sick now of various poverty induced ailments. All our hospitals are nothing to write home about. Education is still in shambles, prices of many goods are still on the rise. It’s only rice, beans, potato and yam that are fairly affordable by the poor. So, to me, nothing to be happy about yet. Lai Muhammed should just be making unnecessary notice about recession and the economy as a whole.”

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