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Nigerians divided on agitation for state Police

As some Nigerians are clamouring for the establishment of state police, many have found it unnecessary. They therefore called for the adequate funding of the federal police as reportedly canvassed by the Inspector General of Police, IGP Idris.

A cross section of Nigerians sought their views on this burning issue also expressed their divergent opinions.


‘I don’t support the idea’ – PASTOR SUNDAY UWEM

“I don’t buy the idea of any state having police formation of its own because they will surely be working in conflict with the federal police. We all can see what’s been happening between any Federal Task Force and Lagos Task Force. Even, Lagos State Transport Management Authority (LASTMA) and the police are at times in conflict with each other let alone having alternative police other than the Nigeria Police. What I think is necessary is to strengthen the polity and overhaul the entire system.

The issue of restructuring should be given serious attention. When these and few other issues are taken care of, we can now be talking of whether Nigeria gives room for the establishment of state police. One thing those agitating for state police should understand is that such police can be used to even intimidate non indigenes in such states which may end up in ethnic violence across the state. And if not quickly put in check, it may lead to another national disaster. So, I don’t see any need for state police for now”


‘I support the move’- EMMANUEL NNANA

“To me, it’s a very good idea. Nigeria is too large to be monitored by the Federal police alone. They can’t fight crimes alone and succeed in all the states without the support of the indigenes who are also uniformed men carrying guns. The local police are the ones that can understand the terrain of each state. They understand the language of the people there.

They’re familiar with all aspects of their culture. So, I believe they will also be familiar with criminal hideouts in such states. So, combating crimes will be very easier unlike a policeman from Imo or Zamfara posted to Ikorodu (Lagos) who is not at all familiar with the environment. How do you expect him to fight and win Badoo guys? Left to me, state police will be a solution to the security threats the country is facing.”


‘I don’t like state police’ – SHAKIRUDEEN ABDULKADIR

“We don’t need state police in Nigeria. I don’t think we’re mature to that extent. If such is allowed, some states will be using it to intimidate the non indigenes in such states. Even, the governors of such states will be using the advantage to perpetrate rigging in favour of their political parties. And before we know it, the whole country will be engulfed in crisis that will even tear the system apart. So, it’s better to have all our police under one umbrella rather than split them into either regional or state formations.”


“Nigeria deserves state police’ – ABU MUSA

“I support the call in totality. Nigeria is large enough to have state police. It is done abroad. Although, there is nothing that has advantages that doesn’t have its disadvantages, state police will go a long way to combat incessant criminal activities going on in the country.

I believe if Borno as a state had had police of its own, the Boko Haram wouldn’t have succeeded in wrecking that level of havoc on the state. The Federal Government should look into the reports of 2014 National Conference, the issue of state or regional police was given a priority attention in the confab. So, it shouldn’t be swept under the carpet.”




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