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Nigerians divided on Apostle Johnson Suleman’s sex scandal

Nigerians are divided on the sex scandal being fueled by Canada based musician, Stephanie Otobo labelling Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide a sex-crazed pastor who impregnated her.

Support swings in different directions as more salacious details of three-somes, fellatio, cunnilingus, aninlingus and more perverted sex modes come into the open.
Here are some opinions on social media…
  • zuchradio@ispeakit_i would v responded but im really tired and can’t type whats in my head… But in summary, u r in support of Christians tarnishing their pastor’s image regardless of if they are good or bad?
  • tonyparker221@princeamihcyou just another mistake to the world šŸŒŽ old man, trying to make you understand how foolish you are will only make me a fool , go ahead and die with your foolishness.. we all knew foolish people like you enjoys such stories .. that’s your problem ..
  • iyphieswtLet God be d judgešŸ™‡.. Na walker pass I de so
  • dihalao_@mz_skenzywhy are dragging the government into this? šŸ˜•šŸ˜•
  • makhalisiaGood for them
  • rayz_mhuddiBecause of what is that a pastor or a fool
  • yemi_omis@tonyparker221where is the sanity of being called a ” Christian ” in all your tongue lashing above, you don’t have to insult to air your view…its typifies ignorance on your path….if the pastor is clean as you claim…let time and findings judge…not yours to champion …
  • ispeakit_@zuchradioam in support of making sure only genuine followers of Christianity are called pastors.
  • ___tribalchief_@ispeakit_you are right braa. Human beings need something to fear and believe in, if not it is all gonna be total chaos
  • miracle7415@princeamihcur hate is getting too much. .am not suleman church member ..even a nursery school child will kno dis story is a made up story. .I remember when daddyfreeze was also falsely accused by a lady on fb::u all his members defended him//likewise I,I never believe the story. ..I followed the apostel on YouTube I can boldly tell u his a genius man of God. Am not surprised seen all dis cooked up story here!!because he saw it coming! !!!
  • yemi_omis@miracle7415its unruly for Nigerians that are fast to judge and predict the end from the beginning.. You should speak for yourself at believing its a made up story.. Of course no one is happy to see the body of Christ embattled in such a scandal… But mind you, apostle is not the only pastor in Nigeria …the question is Why him?…. Believe me ..if you have nothing to fear or skeleton in your bosom..the church or the apostle would have allowed tins to play out itself.. Rather than arrest and luring with money in the first place
  • houseofjakaMen of God ummm
  • atimbogoldGovernment will always find a way to fuck up your life. No matter who you are
  • rich99millHow could a man of God be involved in this?
  • black_school_bag Man of God
  • lawal_idiyaWhere is his governor?
  • ifeoma1Nonsense
  • nino_jahKaduna government is involved in this set up…a plan to get pastor suleman for speaking out.
  • callmiifexcoAt the end we shall know the truth.
  • miss_bazzI’m still yet to know what the charges are?
  • vokeSee her toothpick leg
  • cynthiaogoskiAm d last person dat will trust Sahara reporters,
  • afua_babyWhy is she being prosecuted? For saying she was impregnated by the apostle? Oh nonsense!
  • kick1289only God knows why all d followers of dis god of men are so stupid
  • lvrdeeishhThere’s more to this
  • datveryfinewomanThe only thing holding this story is facts…if she can have records or exhibits to show then we can be sure where we are headed on this …for now make i de look
  • vokeYou are fucking a married man ..u won’t use condom …shit
  • tokunbo_colePastor just a title …
  • dave2flexThis kind bleached dirty weirdo nuisance.. smh for the people behind this
  • _brownhoneySo apostle Suleiman go just look leave all d clean runs babes way auchi na dis kobo kobo with#250Ā leggins na he was run? D girl nr check herself bfor she bgin liešŸ˜•d people way hire dis she goat nr gist am well… She nr know babes way day go he church abi
  • _brownhoneySee her thin thin legs like river fowl leg, dirty olosho
  • s__k001She could be honest in her case against the said apostle but blackmail is against the law.
  • fj_b12Abeg Aunty help us tell us where u and apostle for see … as una path Take cross ? Well I pray u come out of this
  • okaoguvictoria26Hmmm
  • aks_baby_Somebody grab me coke and popcorn . Dis is going to be an interesting movie . Lol
  • rosyellaa@-brownhoney follow me ask her…..she is finished though
  • angelmanmetatronAll these witches looking for man of God to bring down…
  • bettyannokpunoSo if am to be a guy and I promised to marry you n later walk way; you will now sue me for N500 million in court??
  • queenstacypI need raw fact, this girls should show us concrete evidence, what is this world turning into? how will a woman sleep with a Man of God and on sunday she will still see him preach and her concienze will not worry her, this lady is already cursed.
  • drfijayGod at work… she must confess who sent her
  • mz_ava_kingThat’s how some people from no whr just showed up n said tb Joshua impregnated them? Dat God said tb Joshua is their husband. Now na apostle suleman….ok o! Continue young lady#LIAR
  • adaobi911Political blackmail
  • matish2011Nigeria law only meant for the common man and not the big men
  • kejitarianI don cross leg,I must see the end of this action film.I no go carry last
  • ladsnextI dnt believe dis hungry luking people.
  • itsbudukaLet them tender their evidence….
  • juliimango1Political tricks
  • dalacrimLucozade boost to boost the energy lol šŸ˜€šŸ˜‚šŸ˜ƒšŸ˜ƒšŸ˜…šŸ˜† for the road
  • bigunclekelvinWhat’s this bull shit ?
  • achinofredaWho paid her for this job
  • deluxepapiNaija & drama
  • alhajipaid@mz_ava_kingGod is working
  • phinavonstrangleLol, so people eh
  • alhajipaidPlease When season 2 of this movie they come outside and who go act am?
  • alhajipaidSee her teeth self suleman fuck up self
  • nzubeokoyeDoesn’t change the fact that he fucked up.
  • haloskincarelifeI wouldn’t be quick to believe everything I hear or read. Some people are determined to destroy this man after he cried out about the killings of Christians in the North…… you have to be cautious these days….. I hope it’s not true
  • hafsatjamilStupid pastor got busted
  • dannie_alan..some people are so gullible ehn…even with their mouth like tambourine
  • sugar_bishh@peacemaker590the mama wey born u na ashawo. But she should have just aborted you. May misfortune continue to torment ur life. Amen
  • peacemaker590The hardened Ashawo criminal was hired by d DSS, Hell Rufai and Buhari to tarnish d image of a great Man of God. She belongs in d Prisons
  • onefinegirlshaI think evry grl shud sue err guy that promised her marriage (500 million) cos am not understanding. See y’all in court
  • meli_blazinSome people are bent on tarnishing this man’s image
  • francabizI still don’t believe this.!
  • bullstrikersPut them in jail and get me the keys
  • mchenny_This girl doesn’t know the gravity of what she’s getting herself into. The wrath of God is going to be so heavy on her as God warned in the Bible not to touch his anointed.
  • naijaplayboiLol who’s this again? Lol this is obviously the Nigerian govt trying to set the man up and mess up his life since they can’t even arrest him…
  • naijaplayboi@mchenny_straight up brother she doesn’t know… I pray her eyes will open
  • lettyluv22But how come the issue came up after apostle Suleiman had issues with FG, for condemning the incessant killings of christian by the herdsmen… Smh I smell setup.. They should try and make this lie convincing sha….fricking blackmail..mtcheeew



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