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Nigerians divided on fuel subsidy

Mixed reaction has been trailing the proposal to remove the fuel subsidy. While some want the Federal Government to stop the policy, other say the masses would suffer if subsidy is removed.


‘It should be magnitude’


Yes, it should be magnitude. The amount of unwholesome practice that goes unnoticed in the subsidy fund is mind blowing. Imagine what we could achieve with all that money if properly invested in the economy or infrastructure.

What we are seeing currently is a situation where a few persons are enjoying the resources meant for the public good. This is one of the reasons the gap between the haves and haves not is wide. It should be removed. Yes, we can cope with the new price and I believe eventually things will stabilize.


‘I think it should be removed


I remember some years ago during Jonathan’s tenure when he wanted to remove this same oil subsidy and Nigerians protested and all that, now we are going back to the same thing. Now, what if he had achieved it then, where do you think we would have been by now?​

The immediate impact would be heavy on the masses but in the long run it would really help us, that is if the money recovered is re-invested into other areas of the country and not into the pocket of a few people. So, I think it should be removed. But the money should be properly monitored and spent wisely.


‘I don’t think there is anything like subsidy…’


Yes. First, I don’t think there is anything like subsidy, the government are just deceiving us, it should be removed that is if there is anything like it. So, they should just abstractly remove it so that Nigerians can rest from this deceit


‘Subsidy has lost its real power in Nigeria’


Yes, subsidy has lost its real power in Nigeria, so it should be removed because it’s fraudulent, people in power use subsidy as an excuse to embezzle money. So, it should be removed.


‘Let subsidy be removed’


Let subsidy be removed. I’m totally in support. President Buhari will spend the money accrued from it wisely unlike what happened during the Jonathanian Era. Let the accrued money from subsidy removal be used to build new and refurbished our existing refineries and on the long run we would enjoy it.


‘I am in support that subsidy should be removed’


I am in support that subsidy should be removed. We didn’t die when there was fuel scarcity. I bought it N250 per litre then, if subsidy is removed, we can’t be buying it at that price, it will just be a bit higher than N87.


‘It is a welcome development’


It is a welcome development but I don’t think it should be a matter of urgency. The country needs money to put a lot of things in place.


‘If removing it will benefit Nigerians…’


I don’t support removal of oil subsidy as being canvassed by some people. I think those in support of that are rich and capable of affording whatever price the fuel is billed to be sold per litre. I wonder why some people are clamouring for oil subsidy removal now.

When President Goodluck Jonathan was in power, we all protested it. So, why now? I think those saying that are saying it for selfish reasons. But as said by President Muhammadu Buhari, if removing it will benefit Nigerians, let him go ahead but if not, he should allow subsidy to remain. I believe he knows better.


‘I don’t support withdrawal of subsidy’


I am afraid, if President Muhammadu Buhari withdraws fuel subsidy, it will spell doom for the country, especially the poor. So, I don’t support withdrawal of subsidy as being proposed to the President. Even as the situation is right now, not every Nigerian finds it easy to buy fuel at N120, N150 or even more per litre, let alone when the subsidy is removed. I think the best way to go is to allow the subsidy stay.


‘There’s nothing to remove’


As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing like fuel subsidy. So, there’s nothing to remove. Buhari should focus on making petroleum products available and with time, prices would follow the dictate of the market, which is what’s currently going on.

You can’t buy fuel at N87 anywhere in the East or parts of the North and you are here talking about subsidy.


‘FG should regulate the sector’


I think the subsidy should go. What we require the FG to do is to regulate the sector. Banks should also be encouraged to finance marketers in terms of local product distribution, import or export of products as the case may be. There’s so much corruption in this subsidy thing.

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