Nigerians divided over Abba Moro’s case

On Thursday, March 3, 2016, when Justice Anuruli Chikere of the Federal High Court, Abuja, granted former Minister of Interior, Patrick Abba Moro, who was allegedly involved in the 2014 National Immigration Service (NIS) recruitment scam bail on self recognition after being remanded in Kuje Prison for few days. Many Nigerians were, however, displeased by the court decision, while some applauded it.

Some Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to also held divergent views on the embattled former minister’s situation.


‘I feel he should have been sentenced to death’ – MRS. LAIDE ADEOLA

I am happy for the first time that justice could prevail in this country but it will not bring back the lives of the people that died in the process. I feel he should have been sentenced to death because the families that lost their loved ones can never get them back.

Also the breastfeeding mother should face justice accordingly, she should also be made to feel the pain those people that died felt.


‘Change has started taking place’ – MRS. IDOWU

I am happy about it. Change has started taking place. He should be dealt with accordingly. He should feel the pains of Kuje Prison with hard labour. I am happy justice has prevailed in Nigeria.


‘He should be duly investigated…’ – OBI UZOR

I was surprised when I read that Abba Moro was granted bail on self recognition after he was sent to Kuje Prison. However, I expected that the allegation should have been duly investigated before the court sent him to prison.

Now that the case is still in court, he should be duly investigated and if found guilty, he must face the consequence. But every other person suspected to have been involved in the recruitment scam should also be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted, not only Abba Moro.

Anyway, all I know is that the case is going to die naturally because no one arrested so far will go to jail.


‘This will serve as a lesson to all other public office holders’ – EZEKIEL AMATHUS

Everybody hailed the decision of the court when Abba Moro was sent to Kuje Prison. We all believed that will serve as a lesson to all other public office holders. But I was surprised to hear that he was granted bail a few days later. That means the earlier decision has been faulted.

Self recognition or not as claimed by the court, I don’t think he deserved to be released that soon. Anyway, this is Nigeria, anything can happen. But he should be made to account for all the things that happened during the recruitment being the minister in charge. And all others involved should be prosecuted along with him.


‘I don’t support the bail granted to the former minister’ – AJAYI WILLIAMS

I don’t support the bail granted to the former minister. He needs to feel the pain the parents and spouses of those that died felt. With this bail granted him, they have systematically closed the case. It shouldn’t be.  Innocent Nigerians should not continue to suffer in vain. He should be sentenced. At least 20 years jail term is okay.


‘He should face the wrath of the law’ – SESAN ADEYEMI

He shouldn’t have been granted bail in the first place. He should face the wrath of the law. He might escape from the country and that will be the end of the case. The court should decide.

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