Nigerians divided over Buhari’s constant traveling abroad (2)

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President Muhammadu Buhari is now under severe criticism from certain political quarters over his constant travelling abroad. To many, he should rather stay back in Nigeria and face the problems facing the country from home, instead of moving up and down while some still believe the man means well for Nigeria and its people by his foreign trips.

A cross section of Nigerian ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to on this also poured out their minds.


‘I don’t understand it one bit’ – Victoria Onibajo

Honestly, it’s puzzling, I don’t understand it one bit. I looked around the world to see if it is common among presidents to be travelling to other countries every other weekend and as I expected it was not the same.

How would he be able to feel and understand our problems if he’s constantly away. The really baffling part about it all is that he seems to unveil his plans while away, like he did when he was invited to the US.


‘I think it’s a sign of confusion’ – Glory Rapu

I personally think it’s a sign of confusion, it’s not like we are seeing the results of all the travelling and dining with other world leaders.

The height of it for me was in the first week of the fuel crises, our president left the country for a gas summit in Iran. The president is like the head of the house, his presence can influence changes. While he’s constantly away, how can he function to the optimum?


‘President should pay more attention to needs of the people’ – Stanley Okey

I sincerely want to say that a sensitive and a responsive leader as our dear President should pay more attention to needs of the people. The gravity of the untold suffering of the citizens can’t be quantified. His frequent travelling abroad doesn’t portray him in good light.

As the masses are suffering and solution are yet to be found, he should spend more time doing environmental scanning and bringing up plans and achievable programmes that would benefit us.


‘He’s not going there for a carnival’ – Bowale Erinle

If that’s where the solution is, I believe he’s not going there for a carnival. Let’s us give him considerable time to work things out.


‘We should stop criticizing this man for travelling abroad’ – Ezekiel Esho

I think what Nigerians need is patience. We should stop criticizing the man for travelling abroad. If he doesn’t do that, I am sure the same Nigerians will also wage war against him. I don’t think he enjoys travelling all the time or he’s doing it for pleasure.

It’s all in the best interest of the country. So, let’s allow him and his vice, Yemi Osinbajo do their job. And if after this tenure they don’t satisfy us, they will surely be voted out just like it happened in the case of former President Goodluck Jonathan and his vice, Alhaji Namadi Sambo.


‘He should stay back and take care of the home front’ – Obi Uzor

I have not seen anything good in Buhari travelling abroad all the time. He should stay back and take care of the home front. How can he be pursui-ng a rat when his house is on fire. I think the best thing for him is to limit his trips abroad this time around.

Nigerians are yet to feel the impact of the change his party promised. Things keep getting harder by the day.


‘His travelling will help this country’ – Alexander Okoro

It will help our international and global image and relationship.


‘His traveling is for the good of this nation’ – Bola Olatunji

To me, his traveling is for the good of this nation. No developing nation like ours can afford to stand on its own now. He needs to create ties with developed nations and also seek their advice. Once the journey doesn’t involve a large entourage like we had in the previous administrations, I’m cool with it. It is for the good of the nation.


‘He should take charge of the country’ – Funke Joshua

I think he should relax a bit. He should. He should take charge of the country. As an elderly man, he should take things easy.


‘It’s unnecessary spending and visiting’ – Christopher Ikechwukwu

I feel he never had the opportunity to travel round when he was head of state, now that he is a president he wants to enjoy it all. I don’t know the implications but I know it’s affecting our income as a nation. It’s unnecessary spending and visiting.


‘He is traveling too much without any tangible result’ – Aliat Hammed

He is traveling too much without any tangible result. It’s better he stays in Nigeria and rule instead of going to places where they don’t need him. He can talk over the phone with whoever he wishes to speak to.


‘President’s absence will benefit Nigerians’ – Ojeniyi Adebare

I believe that the president has a reason and I want to believe that Nigerians will appreciate it. Despite the fact that our President isn’t around, workers are active and working well, in terms of Boko Haram, the soldiers are working, also electricity and many more. I hope that the President’s absence will benefit Nigerians.

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