Nigerians divided over Buhari’s constant traveling abroad

President Muhammadu Buhari is now under severe criticism from certain political quarters over his constant travelling abroad. To many, he should rather stay back in Nigeria and face the problems facing the country from home, instead of moving up and down while some still believe the man means well for Nigeria and its people by his foreign trips.

A cross section of Nigerian ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to on this also poured out their minds.


‘I doubt a busy person would be everywhere he’s invited’ – Ehimen Modupe

I would have had no issues with his globe-trotting if he was actually doing something concrete back home. If the country was actually benefiting from all the abroad trips, but as it stands, they have not brought anything meaningful. I think it’s a sign of not knowing what to do. I doubt a busy person would be everywhere he’s invited. We were facing acute fuel shortage, he travelled to Iran for gas summit? Shouldn’t he first find solution to the problem before travelling. Like an adage says, a man whose house is on fire doesn’t chase rats about. That’s what Buhari has been doing.


‘It’s not like they are trips for pleasure’ – Kingsley Samuel

I really don’t understand why people criticize his travels, it’s not like they are trips for pleasure. He’s invited by Obama to the US, attended the AU assembly in Johannesburg, met with neighbouring presidents from Chad, Cameroon over the Boko Haram issue, he has also attended the UN assembly in US and a number of Summits and Conventions – none has been frivolous! I think if we put them all into perspective, we’d have a more balanced view.

Another side to it is it should be seen as a plus that our international image and reputation is improving. We’re gradually coming to a place the president of Nigeria would be accorded due respect.

Buhari’s administration has not turned out as expected by any means, but this is not one of the sticks with which to flog him.


‘I don’t support those criticizing Buhari’s trips abroad’ – Adeyemi Wahab

I don’t support those criticizing Buhari’s trips abroad. If he doesn’t do that now, how would he build international relationship with other countries, especially the developed ones. Those people have no reasons whatsoever to visit him, he’s the one that needs their help. So, he must go to them when necessary.

People should understand he could do all these at his own volition if he had not been the president. So, he shouldn’t be seen as if he’s abroad on a jolly trip. And it’s too early to accuse him of this and that. He should be allowed to perform.


“There is nothing wrong with that’- Lowo Adegbenjo

There is nothing wrong in President Muhammedu Buhari travelling abroad often so far the trips are purposeful. All I know is that the man means well for Nigerians, especially the poor masses. I don’t think there was any of his trips that has not fetched the country one good or the other but the fact is that Nigerians are impatient, we like miracles. I don’t believe he can sit down in Nigeria all the time and think he can solve the numerous problems facing the country. So, those criticizing him are jobless. And I am sure most of them are from the opposition camp.

We can’t compare Buhari’s vision and mission with Jonathan. They’re not comparable at all. We all need to be praying for the man because his success is also our success.


‘I am partially in support of it’- SAMUEL OLATUNDE

The president’s constant travelling is to create a conducive environment for foreign investors to improve Nigeria economy. I am partially in support of it.

He will lose his value at home to his vice who is doing most of the things he ought to do at home. People might prefer Prof. Osinbajo to him. He should delegate people on some of these journeys.


‘I honestly think the president is travelling too much’- FUNKE SOLOMON

I honestly think the president is travelling too much. I think he needs to be on ground to oversee happenings in the country. Most people that believed in him are discouraged because of that attitude. He needs to relax a bit and stay in the country.


‘I doubt if he has time to actually govern us’- ATUNBI AKINDELE

I think he is travelling too much, I doubt if he has time to actually govern us. His constant travelling isn’t allowing him govern Nigeria well. There are issues that are not being attended to because he isn’t on around to see to them.


‘I’m indifferent about his constant travelling…’ – VICTOR AWELE

I’m indifferent about his constant travelling, as long as things are happening, even though we are still waiting on the change to occur, I’m sure his travelling has to do with the wonderful changes that will be happening in Nigeria soon. I’m not sure there are no negative implication to his constant travel out of the country.

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