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Nigerians divided over call for Buhari’s resignation

The call by Diocese of Anglican Church Communion, Enugu and few other Nigerians for Buhari’s resignation over his ill-health has kept generating mixed reactions among Nigerians home and abroad. While some believe the country is safe in the hands of the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo who has been ruling in acting capacity since his boss,  President Muhammadu Buhari has been on indefinite health vacation abroad, others argued that the protracted ailment of the country’s number one man has impeded the growth of the country, both economically and politically; hence the justification of the call for his resignation from office as President and Commander-In-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Some Nigerians sought their opinions on this were also of divergent views.


‘I don’t buy the idea’ – LOWO ADEGBENJO

The call for Buhar’s resignation because of ill-health, especially by the Diocese of Anglican Church Communion is not a credible advice. What the man needs from all Nigerians, especially religious leaders is our prayer for his speedy recovery, not calling for his resignation. After all, Buhari is human, not spirit. And anybody can take ill at any time, especially when old age beckons.

For instance, late Nelson Mandela of South Africa was also sick when he was in power. The man was even in coma for about four months before he regained his health, no one persecuted him. And after he bounced back, he resumed fully as president and everything went well for the country for the whole of his four-year single tenure. So, for the fact that Buhari is having health issues now doesn’t warrant call for resignation.

We should continue to pray for him. And Nigeria is a lucky country this time around, it has a capable vice president that can hold the mace till the arrival of the president , and the man has not been doing badly. I learnt both of them are communicating. Those thinking Buhari will die will be surprised and embarrassed in the end. I pray for him daily and I believe he will be well. Some people are wicked, they have been liking his case to that of  late  Umar Yar’Adua, expecting him to pass on so that Osinbajo will be sworn in. That’s just a dream, I believe Buhari won’t die, he will complete his tenure.’


‘I don’t think the man can be active again when he returns’ – ISAAC FASHINA

I think the call for President Buhari’s resignation is the honest but bitter truth. I wholeheartedly support it. People should stop condemning the Anglican church and other groups or Nigerians that have raised the suggestion. It is better the president eats the humble pie and throw in the towel now before it’s too late. It’s obvious he is really sick, no doubt about it.

Although, we’re not God, his health may be restored, it can be as early as Nigerians desire now. Even, if the man comes back from his vacation, I don’t think he can be active again. So, his continued stay in power is like deliberately drawing backward the hand of the clock of the nation’s governance and that will be affecting all of us because Osinbajo can’t do it all as Acing  President when this Cabal is still much around him.”


‘The call is hypocritical’ – ISA IDRIS

Some people are just hypocritical, I wonder why they don’t even wish the man any good. There’s no crime in being sick. No one prays for it. But when it happens like that, we all need to be prayerful and support whoever it is that is suffering one health issue or the other.

It can be anybody tomorrow. So, asking Buhari to vacate office because he is not feeling well is uncalled for. What constitution says is what matters. So far he’s allowed constitutionally to go on health vacation before he gets well, I don’t think it is right for anybody or group to say he should resign if he has not personally thought it fit to do so. So, people should stop the sentimental and hypocritical call and allow the man to rest.”


‘The man should just resign and stop wasting our time’ – NDUBUSI CLEMENT

To me, the call is genuine and very necessary if we realty want to move forward. The man is just forcing himself to rule, he can’t cope again. He should just resign and stop wasting our time. I even read he can’t recall tenses again neither can he even talk at all.

So, how long are we going to wait? Before you know it, the tenure is gone. And if care is not taken, all these cabals will hijack the power fully from Osinbajo. People should stop criticising those agitating for Buhari’s resignation so far he’s suffering a long term ailment. No one prays for his death but he can’t be fit if at all he returns safely.”


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