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Nigerians divided over Ekweremadu’s five or six-year single term tenure for President

Nigerians from different walks of life have been reacting to the call by Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu for the adoption of five or six-year single term tenure for Nigeria’s presidency. He opined that it will reduce the acrimonious conflict and instability arising from partisan or factional competition for executive offices in the federation.  

However, a cross-section of Nigerians sought their views on the idea came up with divergent submissions as some believed in it, others insisted it won’t change anything in the ongoing democracy. 


‘I don’t support a single tenure of whichever number of years at all’ – CHIAMAKA IKPO

“I will still go for a two-term tenure of four years each. There’s nothing wrong in that. That’s how democracy is practiced in the US where it originated. And I don’t believe we’re wiser than them. To me, there’s this benefit of continuity in governance and there will be rapid development in infrastructure. There would be less of abandoned projects because whatever you can’t accomplish in your first term can surely be achieved before the second term runs out unless the person is not committed enough to the service of his fatherland.”


‘I support Ekweremadu for that’ – OBI UZOR

-To me, I believe it’s a good idea. With that, there will be full concentration on governance. Whoever is in power won’t be targeting another tenure. He will understand that whatever he wants to do is within one tenure be it five or six years. So, I vote for a single tenure so that there won’t be any room treasury looting which is usually perpetrated during the second term tenure.”


‘I support a single tenure even if it’s still four years’ – DUPE BADA

“I don’t think there’s need for any two tenures again for any president or governor. If we like we give them three tenures of 12 years aggregate, what they will do is what they will do. So, I vote for a single tenure if at all it’s just four years.”


‘Two terms is still preferable’ – YEMI OSINUGA

“I still prefer two term-tenure. With even two terms we’re practising, no president has ever accomplished his goals. And to give the masses dividends of democracy, a reasonable president will need enough time to plan. Let’s take, for instance, president Buhari has less than two years to complete his first tenure and yet nothing reasonable has been achieved. Most people in government, especially presidents and governors even beyond Africa target the second tenure as a period of consolidation. So, I don’t buy Ekweremadu’s idea at all.”


‘It is going to be a backward movement for our democracy’ – SALISU SULAIMON

‘We’re already used to two terms, adopting one term of whichever years now is going to be more than a step backwards because it will take a lot of time to experiment it before we can adapt to it. So, let’s continue with our usual two terms tenure of four years each.”


‘Two terms is still better’ – ISA ABDULLAHI

“No matter what, I believe a two-term tenure is still better. With that, the second term will be used to address all the issues and projects the president is unable to accomplish in his first term. So, issues of abandoned projects will be minimal and it will also guarantee continuity in governance.”


‘One term will be better and cheaper’ – JOHNSON UGWANDU

‘A single straight tenure of six years is better and will even be less economical to run. There won’t be any waste of our country’s limited resources so far there won’t be any need for a reelection anymore. Any serious president that plans well should be able to deliver within the period. For instance, in the Rotary club, most if not all of their offices are one year tenure and they perform. There’s no need for a second for any serious president. Let’s try it. I believe it will work for our democracy. Ekweremadu suggested well.”


”Performance is what matters, not number of tenures or years” – ADIGE SAMSON

-“I don’t really believe in the number of years or tenures but performance. Even, if they approved a six-year tenure, what will be will be as far as I am concerned. What we need is seriousness in our leadership. Even, before you know it they will start canvassing for a two term-six year tenure. So, whether two terms or one,  what matters is performance.”


”Two terms is still okay’ – BAYO AZEEZ

-There’s nothing wrong with the current two term-tenure of eight years. Let’s continue with and keep monitoring all our leaders, not only the president. Our problem is never the number of tenures or years but the level of corruption and indiscipline in the leadership of this country. So, I disagree with Senator Ekweremadu. The idea will only draw the country backwards.”


‘That’s not our need now’ – LOWO ADEGBENJO

“The issue of one term tenure of six or five years can’t really change anything. The most important thing right now is to ensure this democracy is sustained. Changing the number of tenure to one or three is not in our needs now. Even, with that six years, the president may not even do anything reasonable. And before you know it, he will be begging for another chance. At the end of it all, we will still end up in two-term tenure of 12 years.”




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