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Nigerians divided over payment of N5,000 for unemployed graduates

Many Nigerians are still debating the proposed payment of N5,000 unemployment benefit to every graduate by the present administration. Those against the idea premised their reason on the dwindling state of Nigerian economy which was also the main reason cited by the Federal Government to shelve the plan.

However, others argued it’s a good decision as the token, if paid as promised, will go a long way in alleviating poverty and reducing crime among the youths.

A cross section o Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to also submitted different views about the issue.


‘N5,000 for the unemployed Nigerians won’t solve a single thing at all’ – James Adeyemi

N5,000 for unemployed Nigerians won’t solve a single thing at all. With the situation of the country now 5,000 is like N500. Unemployment can be reduced by empowering them with loans, let them start a small business or create more skill acquisition training centres for them. He should keep his N5,000 in his pocket. Many companies in Nigeria have shut down. That is what he should be working towards, he should revive them, that will create more employment for Nigerians.


‘It is another means of wasting the country’s resources’ – Princess Opemipo

I don’t think that is a wise decision. It is another means of wasting the country’s resources. Some will use it to amass wealth for themselves. They should use the money to create skill acquisition centres for Nigerians.


‘I think it’s a joke’ – Precious Adebayo

I think it’s a joke. Minimum wage is not being paid not to talk of paying unemployed graduates.


‘I don’t think it will change anything’ – Nancy Nwodo

It’s okay, but I don’t think it will change anything. I mean, N5,000 can’t feed most youths for a week.


‘Unemployment rate is high in this country’ – Solape Thomas

I think that N5,000 promised to unemployed youths in Nigeria is impossible. I really don’t know how it would be possible because the unemployment rate is high and deciding who is to receive the money would be difficult.


‘I think it is a good innovation…’ – Tolani Adejare

I think it is a good innovation because the unemployment rate is high and it would go a long way in the lives of struggling and unemployed Nigerian youths.


‘Buhari should work on it’ – Mercy Aigbodeh

I was disappointed when I heard that APC said it couldn’t afford to pay the welfare package of N5,000 to unemployed graduates each as pledged during the campaign. President Buhari should work on that because if it’s not done, no one will take him and his party serious in 2019.

But thank God for his wife, Aisha Buhari who has let all the APC senators who kicked against the token realize that Nigerians won’t forgive their party if they don’t fulfill that promise.


‘It’s compulsory that Buhari fulfils that promise’ – Titi Fawola

Paying N5,000 to every unemployed graduate is one of the campaign promises of All Progressives Congress (APC). And now that the party has taken over the mantle of leadership of this country, it’s compulsory that Buhari fulfils that promise.

If he now thinks because the country is broke and he can’t afford to pay that now, that means he will have to pay everything in arrears when the country is back on its feet. Paying N5,000 to every unemployed graduate is a campaign promise that must be fulfilled.


‘The idea is fine’ – Kingsley Nwanka

I like the idea, that’s what’s obtainable in other foreign countries. Even though it won’t really cater for all the needs of the unemployed graduates, at least it shows that the government cares about them. And I believe in years to come, the money would be increased as the unemployment rate decreases.


‘It does not solve the problem of unemployment’ – Blessing Okocha

I don’t buy the idea. It does not solve the problem of unemployment, on the contrary it could make some of the unemployed lazy mentally. In this day and age, young people should be encouraged to be innovative and come up with solutions to better the country.

Besides, the country is going through some serious financial troubles, and I don’t think the government can foot that bill.


‘It’s good but government should make the money go round’ – Kikelomo Akinyele

It’s a good idea, but the government should also make sure that the money goes round, no matter the tribe.


‘The government should make sure people do not abuse the good gesture’ – James Ayoola

I support the idea. Many of our graduates suffer in school, they come out and still suffer. The government should make sure people do not abuse the good gesture. I also think the government should look for a way to make sure that the people they will be paying are genuine unemployed graduates.


‘Our president has best of intensions’ – Biodun Ahmed

I think the President has the best of intentions. Mind you the N5,000 is for 25 million most vulnerable Nigerians, I feel that’s a social safety for people who have been adjudged as living on less than a dollar per day, it will ultimately wipe off the extreme poverty of the people. This is a starting point as we look forward to other programmes to benefit the masses.


‘I don’t think it is the best decision’ – Funke Oluwafemi

It came from a sincere heart with good intentions. But, I don’t think it is the best decision. A lot of Nigerians will abuse it. Some people will use it as an excuse to be lazy and idle. He should create more skill acquisition centres for the unemployed. He should restructure the economy to accommodate more investors and revive dead companies.


‘There is nothing wrong in that’ – Raheem Busari

I wholeheartedly support the N5,000 unemployment benefit to graduates as proposed by the People Democratic Party (PDP) Senators. There is nothing wrong in that. The money is even too small, it’s only that Nigeria is truly broke. But I am disappointed in Buhari and All Progressives Congress (APC) for kicking against it. After all, it’s part of their campaign promises.

So, why is it now that the party doesn’t want to deliver on its promises? I think the best thing is for Buhari and APC to apologize to Nigerians on that and make sure it’s effected without delay.


‘It has advantages and disadvantages’ – Lowo Adegbenjo

There is nothing wrong in the federal government paying the unemployed graduates certain amount pending the time they will get jobs. But the danger in it is that, the government may relax on job creation pretending all is well with the youths so far they’re being paid N5,000 each monthly.

So, it’s in two ways. It has advantages and disadvantages. What we need mostly in full employment. How much is N5,000? What can that do in the life of a young graduate? But as it’s rightly said, half bread is better than none.

That’s why APC must fulfill its promise. I learnt they said it will take effect in 2016. Let’s wait and see.


‘It’s a great innovation’ – Muyiwa Adebanjo

I think the promise the presidency made to unemployed graduates is a great innovation. It would help them. Though N5,000 is small, but it would help a lot.


‘What business can N5,000 do?’ – Adeoti Adeyemi

I am against it because it doesn’t solve the problem of unemployment. What business can N5,000 do? The N5,000 is not the way forward at all.

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