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Nigerians divided over planned nationwide strike by Labour

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Going by the words of  President of United Labour Congress (ULC), Comrade Joe Ajaero, Nigeria will be shut down starting from tomorrow, Friday, September 15, 2017, by what he described as mother of all protests by the union as Federal Government has failed to identify with Nigerian workers in their plights. He therefore advised Nigerians to pile up food stuffs that will last them as long as the strike will take as the likelihood of it ending soon is uncertain. Ajaero stated this while addressing newsmen on Wednesday, September 13, 2017, at Yaba, Lagos.

Since then, many Nigerians have been reacting divergently to the planned nationwide protest weighing its consequences on the country’s staggering economy and the entire citizenry. 

Those spoke to also had different views on the issue…


“There’s no need for that now’ – AGBOOLA LAWAL

“Going on strike now will only worsen the country’s economic situation. I think Buhari just returned from his medical vacation abroad. They should have given him a little time to rest first instead of embarking on any action that will compound his health challenges. I believe they can still resolve the issue amicably instead of going on strike. Nigeria doesn’t need anything of such now. They should just exercise patience.”


‘They should go ahead’ – JOSEPHINE AGBAREWA

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong in that so far that’s the only language our government understands. It’s after the strike the government will now invite them for dialogue. That has always been the practice. The ULC should go ahead with the strike without failing. If they fail to do so now, it will be very difficult to achieve that any other time.”


‘There’s nothing wrong in labour going on strike’ – OBI UZOR

“I don’t see anything wrong in labour embarking on indefinite strike so far the government is not ready to listen to their yearnings. To me, they should go on strike because that’s the only language our government understands. Buhari or no Buhari, they are all the same. A lot of workers are being owed nationwide despite all the bail outs and the Paris club loan given to some states by the Federal Government. How can they be working and they won’t get paid? It’s not fair at all. When you’re working and you’re not paid, what they’re telling you is to be involved in criminal activities to survive which is not good.”


‘They shouldn’t look back’ – KEHINDE OLADOSU

“I support them in totality. It‘s only that they should not make it violent. They should be considered in all their demands, including new minimum wage agitation. But the only thing I know is that at the end of it all, their leaders may be divided by the FG and take their time and effort would end being a total waste.”


‘Nigerians are tired of any labour strike’ – CHUKWUEMEKA OBI

-I don’t think Nigerians can cooperate with any labour union now for any strike whatsoever People are hungry and they need to look for all legitimate means to fetch for their families. So, telling people not to come out is just a waste of time. Nigerians are tired of any fruitless strike this time around.”


‘I will comply with labour order and advice’ – SAMSON OTUYELU

“Nigerians should support labour in the strike. Let their issues be addressed once and for all. To me, I am ready for the strike and all preparations as advised have been fulfilled. But it will be painful if they call it off prematurely without achieving the purpose for which it was staged.”


‘It’s disgusting calling for any strike action now’ – BELLO OMOH

“I don’t buy the idea. They only want to waste our time and hold the nation to ransom for nothing. At the end of the day, you won’t hear anything again.

Anything like that, to me, is disgusting.”


‘I will join them in the struggle’ – ABIODUN OLALEKAN

“they should go ahead with the strike. The government doesn’t seem to have listening ears to their plight at all. Nearly everything in the country is in shambles. The only excuse before was Buhari’s absence. But now that he is back, nothing significant has happened. It has been story after story. Instead, they will be wasting time on unproductive issues. If the strike begins tomorrow as planned, I am ready to join. We won’t die in it. After all, Nigerians had experienced a situation worse than that during Abacha administration. We survived it.”




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