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Nigerians divided over planned return of PDP in 2019

As the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) stalwarts are concretizing their efforts to ensure the party comes back to power in 2019 after having ruled Nigeria for 16 uninterrupted years and with little or nothing to show for, a lot of Nigerians home and abroad have described the move as just an exercise in futility despite the fact that the ongoing administration of All Progressive Congress(APC) is yet to deliver on its campaign promises after being in power for two years and few months while some other Nigerians preferred to welcome the PDP back in Aso Rock in 2019, describing Buhari’s two years in office as fruitless as nothing has practically changed for the better, especially in the aspect of the economy.

This went out to sample the opinions of some Nigerians who reacted divergently on the issue. As some believed the APC can still fix the country if allowed to continue in 2019, others believed that doing that only amounts to colossal waste of time again as nothing good can ever  cone from the Nazareth of the party.


‘I still prefer APC, no matter what’ – JAMES VALENTINE

“I still prefer APC to PDP, no matter what the country may be going through now. If we allow PDP to cone back in 2019, it’s like sending the country back to square one. I believe in APC agenda, especially the fight against corruption. If Buhari is fit and allowed to continue in 2019, he will do better rather than leaving the stage for PDP that has ruled the country for 16 years without anything to show for.”


‘There is nothing like APC in 2019’ -SAMUEL UDOM

“I can assure you there’s nothing like APC in 2019. The party is even worse than PDP. I believe in PDP’s corruption without hunger not APC’s anti corruption crusade but with hunger, poverty all over the land. Myself and my family can never vote APC again. The party has destroyed Nigeria the more.”


‘APC should forget 2019’ -UGOCHUKWU JOEL

“If APC is planning to rule this country again, i think that will be a joke of the country. The party cant win presidential election in 2019 unless the election is rigged in its favour. No way, Nigerians cant be fooled again. The suffering is just too much. We need a change of government.”


‘APC is still my favourite party’ -MUSA ABASS

‘No matter what the people may be saying against APC or Buhari, i still believe i. the party and Buhari. Those that want Buhari or APC to continue in 2019 are the people benefitting from corruption the government is trying to get rid of. Although, things may be extremely tough now, we will all reap the fruits of our sweat at the end of it all.”



‘Those saying they’re tired of APC are hypocrites. What did PDP do to better off Nigeria during its 16 year rule?.That means we’re yet to learn our lesson. I don’t think Nigerians can be that stupid to vote PDP in 2019 after what the party has done to us. It’s still the APC but people like Saraki should be shown the way out before 2019 so that there can be peace in the party and Nigeria as a whole. The only alternative to APC is mega party that will comprise well meaning Nigerians who are willing to serve the country. We don’t want PDP in 2019 for anything at all.”


‘I pray PDP comes back in 2019’ -TUNDE SALAMI

“It’s my prayer that PDP comes back in 2019 because that’s no sign that anything can come out of APC any more unless we want to continue deceiving ourselves. Buhari is just beating about the bush, falling sick all the time. It’s only a few Nigerians that can be fooled to get their votes in  2019. Left to me, I will go for PDP in 2019. I can’t continue to wallow in hunger. I never imagine the economy would be this worse. You can see how much we’re buying ordinate tooth paste now,. The amount we’re paying for big size during Jonathan’s administration is what we’re paying for the medium size now, the same thing goes for other items. So, tell me why I should vote APC again i 2019.”


‘I prefer APC to PDP ten thousand times’

“The problems with most of us is that we always forget in a hurry whatever our experience is in the hands of any previous administration. I don’t even know people can still be yearning for PDP to come back in 2019 after all the atrocities the party perpetrated during its 16 years in power. The party should just pack up. There’s nothing to take in Aso Rock again. No matter how much cry now i.  in the land, Nigeria is still going to wax stronger in the nearest future both economically and politically. I still prefer APC ten thousand times to PDP.”



“Let’s even wait till 2919 first before we can start talking of election. I believe it’s too early for the PDP leaders to be dreaming of taking over Aso Rock in 2019. What do they have to convince Nigerians after all the money they gave stolen? But one thing I am sure is that the party is going nowhere in 2019. If it’s not APC again, that means a fresh party will emerge to convince us not PDP any more in this country’


‘APC will ever be a failure’ -NOSO WILLIAMS

“APC has no any miracle to perform .The party should just pack up and give a better party chance to turn Nigeria around. The party has been ruling with propaganda since it took over from PDP. Nothing to write home about. APC had been a failure and as far as i am concerned, it will always be a failure. I never voted for APC and I can never vote for it.”


‘We don’t need to dump APC for any party in 2019’ -AGBOOLA SAMSIDEEN

‘I don’t think Nigerians have enough reason to dump APC in 2019. The only thing is that if the party has any other candidate that can take over from Buhari because of his I’ll health the better. And the person must follow his footsteps. We can’t enjoy anything in this country unless we fight corruption to a standstill. I believe in APC agenda. PDP has nothing to offer this country. We don’t need to dump APC for that hopeless and useless party in 2019 if we don’t want to go backward.”






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