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Nigerians divided over reintroduction of tollgate (2)

Following the recent announcement of the reintroduction of toll gates on federal roads by the Minister of Transport, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, Nigerians have expressed mixed feelings over the move.

Fashola disclosed this in his maiden press conference as minister in Abuja on Tuesday, December 8, 2015 promising that the money generated will be properly accounted for and put to good use towards maintaining and sustaining quality federal roads.

His words, “Maintenance would be our watchword. We are setting up a robust maintenance regime to keep our highways in good shape. This shows that tolling is necessary to support government funding. So, it will not be too much if we ask every road user to pay a little to augment government funding for road maintenance”.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with Nigerians to gauge their pulse on the development…


‘The only reservation I have is if the tolls will not be exorbitant…’ – Olushola Emmanuel

The only reservation I have is if the tolls will not be exorbitant and whether the money would be used judiciously to actually maintain and sustain, and even improve the roads. For too long, we have had to suffer from the pitiable state of our roads nationwide. If this would be end to that, I’m fine with it.


‘I don’t buy into it one bit’ – Mayowa Aborishade

The idea of re introducing toll gates would have made more sense if the roads were actually upgraded as is the case with Lekki toll in Lagos. Also, if the process will not be corrupted and the monies generated be remitted to the right quarters and used for development purposes, then yes I am in support of it. Else, I don’t buy into it one bit.


‘I don’t think that’s what Nigerians want now’ – Titilade Odunsi

I don’t think that’s what Nigerians want now. All I know is that at the end of it all, there will still be allegations upon allegations against those that will be in charge. And it may still lead to no end. So, why do we need to embark on it again?

The administration of Olusegun Obasanjo had a very strong reason for cancelling tollgates in the country and I don’t think the reason has fizzled out in Nigerian system. So, it’s just a waste of time. Fashola should think of another means of generating funds for road rehabilitation.


‘Fashola want to raise more funds for the government’ – Mrs. Otunlape

I want Fashola to bring back tollgate because with that he will be able to raise more funds for the government and our country, Nigeria.


‘I don’t support the idea because they will embezzle the money’ – Mr. Jacob

No, I don’t support the idea because the money will not be used to maintain refineries or necessary things needed in the country rather it will be used for personal use.


‘It is partially a good idea’ – Popoola Gabriel

It is partially a good idea. If the roads which the tollgates are built cause traffic gridlock, they should be reconstructed to ease the movement of vehicles. With the reintroduction of tollgate, it is only recommended that stipends or low charges should be paid because it is the responsibility of the government to provide basic amenities.

There introduction of tollgates is a good idea and should not be seen as an indirect way of taxing vehicle owners.


‘It’s another way of creating an avenue for looting’ – Mary Oyetomi

Personally, I don’t support the idea. It’s another way of creating an avenue for looting. The reason is that the revenue from such a project won’t be put into appropriate use. Besides, what’s even the essence of it?

Fashola wants to do exactly what he did with Lekki tollgate, but at whose detriment. I don’t see any sincerity in that. The government should look for another avenue to raise money for the rehabilitation of all the damaged roads instead of relying on the money from tollgates.


‘It is not a good idea’ – Rolake James

It is not a good idea, because life is already hard as it is. Is it someone that struggled to buy fuel in his car that will pay toll fees?


‘I don’t support the idea’ – Tolani Adesanya

I don’t support the idea because it would make the price of transport increase. The drivers will use it as an excuse to increase bus fares.


‘It’s insane’ – Amb Lorenzo

For me, it’s insane. All the revenue me generate in this country has never touched the masses, so please no need for that until the masses start feeling the dividends of all we generate.


‘It is a good idea’ – Abass

It makes sense because it generates revenue for the government.


‘They should ensure the roads are good’ – Adebimpe Olademeji

If they will bring back toll gates, they should first repair all the roads. Most roads are not motorable especially the high ways. They should ensure the roads are good, then, the money they will collect should not be much. It shouldn’t be like the Lekki toll gate or airport toll gate. They collect too much money from commuters.


‘I don’t think it is a good idea’ – Nike Ajibade

I don’t think it is a good idea. It is another means of exploiting Nigerians. Robbers will also take advantage of the situation to rob, most especially at lonely places. It should not be encouraged.

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