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Nigerians excited over anticipated fall in price of Rice

Nigerians are already heaving a sigh of relief over the announcement by Chief Audu Ogbeh that the price of rice would fall by next month.  

Expressing their excitement when sampled their opinions, some Nigerians stated that the fall in price of rice is the beginning of good things for the country.


It is good news to me. I have not been able to buy rice since the sudden increase in price. I pray it all works out.



I just pray it is true. I pray things work out as planned. It is a great relief hearing that news. I bought a bag of rice for N22,000 last week.  If the price of rice can drop, there would be relief in other aspects too.



I believe in what I see. So let the rice come first but if Government really mean business, that would be highly applauded by Nigerians because suffering will reduce. Rice is beyond the reach of the poor and regrettably, it is the most staple food of the masses.



I am excited about it.  I am eagerly waiting for it. I know a lot of people are also waiting.  That is the kind of news Nigerians want to hear, Once there is food on the table, every other problem is solved.

The minister of Agriculture and rural development Chief Audu Ogbeh made the announcement while addressing members of the Senate committee on Agriculture and rural development. According to him, more Nigerians have returned to various farms and by November, the price of rice would start to crash.


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