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Nigerians excited over passage of 2016 Budget

– Advise Buhari to hit the ground running

The 2016 controversial budget has been finally passed by the Senate under the leadership of Dr Bukola Saraki, and this stirred reactions from different parts of the country.
Some Nigerians sought their views on this spoke excitedly on the development. However, they have advised President Buhari not to slow down on the implantation of the core provisions of the budget, especially those that directly affect the poor masses.

Yes, I am happy that at last, the budget was approved by the senate. It’s a sign of relief to Nigeria as a country and its entire citizenry.
“With the development now, we are hopeful that better things will soon come because the delay in the budget approval all this while has affected a lot of things in the country. But now that it has been passed, Buhari needs no time to waste any more before he starts implementing. The suffering is just too much, something has to be done urgently.”
“I AM HAPPY ABOUT IT” – Muhammadul-Salisu Ibrahim
“It’s a thing of joy for all Nigerians. I am happy about it.
“That’s what I always say, there is nothing bad in being patient. The way Buhari sees things, not all of us can see them that same way. I believe he has good plans for the country but there are some people who will not want him to succeed. For instance, you’re also a leader in your company, not everybody will love you. Some are likely to be sabotaging you, no matter how much you may be trying to ensure things work out. How much more of someone controlling the whole country. But at last, we thank God the budget has been passed despite all the efforts to sabotage it. All Buhari and his cabinet members need now is implement it without any delay because Nigerians have over waited for this time to come, and thank God it has come.”


Surely, it’s a good development, though belated. I was happy when I heard that the Senate has finally signed the budget. It’s now left for the executive arm of the government to implement it, especially those areas that will have impact on the common man. We can’t afford to wait any longer.”
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