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Nigerians express deep religious incompatibility as they shy away from marrying from other faiths

Nigeria is unarguably one of the most religious countries in the whole world. Though dominated by the two major religions of the world (Islam and Christianity), there are also several other practices as far as worshipping God is concerned. Nigerians boast of being faithful in their respective religious practices. Meanwhile, inter-religious marriages have been recorded, but most times with the two families kicking against it initially because of religious differences. Marriages that survive this restriction only do so based on mutual understanding. spoke with Nigerians on whether they can marry those practising other faiths, and below are their views.


Kareem Kehinde

No, I can’t. It won’t help me Islamically and in the long run, it won’t help the children either, because they won’t know the religion to practice.


Alabi Abiodun

Why will I marry out of my religion? A Muslim lady that marries a non-muslim is just a Muslim by name. I can’t marry a Christian because I love my religion and I can’t change it because of a man.


Olaniyi Emmanuel

Of course, I can marry a Muslim lady. Just that, she would say goodbye to that religion once she marries me. If truly I am the head of the family, she has to obey my orders.


Ajayi Folaranmi

I can marry a Muslim lady, we are both humans. After all. I am not sold out to religious nepotism


Christiana Udogu

I cannot marry a Muslim brother because we are not of the same faith. It’s not as if I detest them, but the fact remains that I can’t convert to Islam leaving my religion. My family may not even allow me but eventually, if he agrees to convert to Christianity, I may give him a trial.


Joshua Benedict 

I can’t marry a Muslim lady, I mean, there are more than enough beautiful and single ladies in my religion, so, why will I cross over? Most of these Muslim sisters won’t even settle with a Christian. They act as if there is something they would miss if they cross over. I would rather marry a fellow Christian.


Ogunyemi Rasheed

I can’t marry a Christian lady because the ones I have seen don’t practice their husbands’ religion. They still go to church. And to spoil things further, they will pack the children to church, I can’t afford to have my children taken to church. Another reason is that some churches will start meddling in affairs in that marriage, especially in times of trial. To stay out of trouble, I would just marry a Muslim like myself.


Ibrahim Sekinat

I can’t marry a Christian because I do not see them being on the right path. There are too much errors in the book they call their holy book, and I don’t think the words of God should have errors. I don’t believe in that religion, so there is no point marrying someone whose religion I can’t practice.


Tajudeen Balikis

I can’t marry a Christian because of their trinity belief. I only know one God, Who is Allah (SWT), He begets not and neither is He begotten. It will be so hard practicing a religion that says He has a son.


Bolarinwa Tunde

I can marry a Christian lady if I love her. What we all don’t know is that love has no boundaries. It has nothing to do with religion, background or even race. If I love someone, should her religion be a barrier?


– Azeezat Kareem




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