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Nigerians find solace in bread and beans as recession bites harder


If every other thing fails, you must eat, it’s not negotiable. No wonder Nigerians have found succor in the combination of bread and beans as the economic recession bites deeper. This popular meal energizes you. It could sustain you for a longtime and it’s relatively cheap. Food vendors and restaurants have now enlarged the quantity of beans they cook and bread for the day.

ENCOMIUM Weekly visited some canteens down town and the operators admitted that consumption of bread and beans has gone up tremendously. Even consumers admitted that the consumption of bread and beans is on top chart…


MRS. GRACE JAIYEOBA, canteen vendor

The sale of beans and bread is very high now. Sometimes I neglect cooking rice for my customers just because they will always complain that it’s small. A lot of people now prefer bread and beans. I sell up to N5,000 bread daily. People now have a huge passion for beans with bread. The beans I sell is called ewa agoyin. It’s a local kind of mashed bean with a specially prepared palm oil stew. Although sales has always been good over the years, but this economic recession has drawn closer the attention of many customers to bread and beans.

A lot of people, especially artisans, even call it concrete and other funny names. But the sales keep increasing.


MAMA KOJO, canteen owner

The sale of rice no longer gives profit because customers will always complain yet we buy rice at expensive price. Now, I cook just a little quantity of rice while I have more beans. Even my customers no longer buy rice except the nursing mothers, who buy it for their babies. 70 percent of my customers always vote for beans and bread. I think the economic situation has really forced people to eat this delicious meal more.



I have loved beans and bread since I was in primary school. Many of my friends used to say it’s meant for the poor. Now, most of them eat bread and beans more than I do. Personally, bread and beans is a kind of food that you will eat and never think about eating anything else for up to seven or eight hours of the day. I see it as a balanced diet and a kind of food that can help you fight the economic situation of the country if you want to spend less on food.



Before thinking of what to eat in Nigeria today, you just have to check your pocket. To spend less on food has made me patronize beans and bread. It is cheaper compared to rice, and it gives enough strength. I can no longer afford to cook in my house because it is very expensive. The only alternative is to come here to have my beans and bread.



My brother, the country is not smiling so also the people are not. If I don’t eat beans and bread, which other food do we have in the country to fight hunger at a very cheaper amount. The only alternative is my beans and bread with a whole lot of sachet of water. If you have not been eating it, you better start.



I eat bread and beans everyday because it will always remain the best when one is trying to cut his cost on food. Before now, I realized I spend more trying to eat food like rice. If I am to eat rice to my satisfaction at a canteen, it means I have to buy up to N300 rice with N100 beans. To me, it doesn’t make sense when I can have bread and beans at a cheaper amount.

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