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Nigerians frown at staging weddings abroad (4)


Staging fabulous weddings abroad has become a trend among wealthy Nigerians, which to many, is a means of advancing foreign economy at the expense of ours. Some Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly sought their views on this also spoke in the same vein. They want such huge amount to be invested here in Nigeria.

‘You are not sending a right message’

It is wrong, you are not sending a right message to those who are looking up to you as a role model. We should be proud of what we have here in Nigeria. There are better places in the country where weddings can be held and it will be memorable.
The implication is that the money that should go into our economy will be spent on another economy abroad. That is not good for a developing economy like Nigeria.

‘There is nothing wrong in that’

There is nothing wrong in that, after all they are spending their money. If I were in their shoes I would do the same. No negative impact, because foreign celebrities also wed abroad.

‘Its stupidity and waste of resources’

It doesn’t make any sense. Its stupidity and waste of resources. You make your money here, appreciate the place where you have been invested.

‘Let them spend it the way they want’

First, I’ll say it’s their money. Let them spend it the way they want. But again, I believe their fans would appreciate them more if they celebrate their wedding in their own country.

‘I think they should also remember our economy’

It is their right to stage their wedding in any part of the world, but I think they should also remember our economy. We all have to grow our economy.

‘They should invest the money here’

I have nothing against those staging their weddings abroad. They have the money to do so that’s why they are embarking on such a thing. I don’t think there is anywhere it’s written in our constitution that no one should be allowed to hold his/her social engagement outside the country. All I know is that if such huge money spent on such a function is invested in other productive activities, it would have been of immense benefit to the country.
Most of our wealthy people have taken it as a norm to do their weddings abroad or even stage their children’s weddings there.

‘They are spending their money’

There is nothing wrong with that. They are spending their money. Where people might be complaining is the fact that the money that would have been spent here to boost the economy is fretted away to the detriment of our people.
Another point is that the couple make it look as if our country is inferior to the foreign land they are staging their weddings.

‘This has to stop in the interest of Nigerians’

I don’t support staging weddings abroad because we enrich others. This has to stop in the interest of Nigerians. You can go for honeymoon abroad but I think it is a good idea to celebrate here in Nigeria.

‘It’s a show of class’

Staging wedding outside the shores of Nigeria is not a sin or crime. I believe it’s a show of class. But the truth is that you can’t see any salary earner doing that, it’s only those who have non-restricted access to public treasury that can do that.
We can only advise them to invest such huge money into our economy so that they can help reduce poverty instead of aggravating it.

‘I don’t have anything against’

I don’t have anything against whoever stages his or her wedding abroad. It depends on what the person wants to achieve. But if I were among the rich and influential, I would prefer to demonstrate patriotism by spending my money to the benefit of my country instead of growing the economy of another country.

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