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Nigerians grumble as price of pure water doubles

Sachet water (otherwise known as pure water) has been beneficial to most Nigerians in the past as they consume it at home, on the go or at their offices with confidence in its purity and affordability. But the recent change in the price of pure water has caught most by surprise and has generated a lot of reactions from consumers.

ENCOMIUM weekly brings you reactions from various Nigerians.


Adegbenro Bimbola

Since pure water is now gold, I don’t waste my money buying it, except I am very thirsty and I am not in the house that is when I manage to buy it. How will I use N10 to buy a sachet of pure water when I have water in my fridge and NEPA has been unfair enough to give us light, at least its manageable. I don’t drink pure water again.


Fakunle Jamin

There is nothing I can do about it because I work under the sun. I am a bricklayer and I can’t do without taking water while I’m working. So, l still buy pure water irrespective of the change in price.


Mr. Fabiyi

I can boldly tell you that I’m really upset with the situation in this country. It’s not only pure water that has changed price, every other thing has. But ever since the price of pure water changed, I’ve stopped taking it. I buy plastic water or even bring water from home, that is what I do.


Mrs. Ijaduade

It is really bad and not all pure water is pure. Most of them are not clean, yet they increased the price but we don’t have choice, we just have to buy.


Madam Ajala

I am very surprised that I cannot buy pure water for N5, it is now N20 per sachet and the most painful thing is that a bag of pure water formerly sold for N80 is now N170, things are expensive and the most painful aspect is “water”. I have stopped drinking pure water because of the hike, I now drink tap water. God should help us.


Mr. Ken

I am so ashamed of this country, how can we be buying pure water for N20? I was thirsty and went to get water, the woman said N20, I had to leave the place and go home. On getting home, bag of pure water was N200; we are not heading anywhere. Government should rise up and tighten their belt, we are dying.


Mrs. Victory Adesokan

I don’t have a choice; I just have to buy it. My children will never drink tap water, they prefer the pure water. It’s not the fault of the manufacturer; it’s the situation in the country. I pray God should take control.


Mr. Nurudeen

I don’t drink pure water; I only buy it because of my wife and children. They are the ones drinking it. It’s not only pure water that is costly, so many things have changed price. We are not enjoying anything in this country, still we do not have choice.


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