Nigerians groan over poor electricity supply

Electricity is one essential need of every citizen but its supply in Nigeria is epileptic. Many envisage a turn around after the privatization of the sector which today has become worse, coupled with regular charges without justifiable supply. ENCOMIUM Weekly sought opinions of people on this, and here are their responses…


‘Fashola should do something or resign’ – JOEL  OFFOU

Electricity supply is nothing to write home about now. I have noticed the sharp drop since last month. I learnt Nigeria has 2000 MW now. So, how do we expect that to circulate? That alone can’t even be enough for Lagos State let alone other 35 states and the Federal Capital Territory. I know how much I spend on fuel every week to run my small office here. And when you get home, you can’t sleep well because if they give us light, it may not last for more than two hours. Even, it’s not everybody, I think Fashola needs to do something urgently or resign.


‘My dress sense is affected’- GBOLAHAN  ODEYEMI

Light is essential for my day to day life. An example is when I need to go out and I need my clothes ironed. Due to lack of electricity, I end up wearing something rough and I look unpleasant. Another example is the issue of heat. My generator can’t carry the air conditioner and fuel is expensive.


‘I expected rainy season to improve electricity’- NICHOLAS  MGBAKURU

The heat is really nasty. For days now, we haven’t seen light except for the generator and fuel business is not funny. Another issue is the mosquito thing. The heat encourages the biting and then they have a wonderful time on our bodies.

I learnt that light is generated from Kanji Dam and the more it rains, the more light we get. Why don’t we have light after many days it has been pouring heavily? As I speak, I don’t have light and the rain is about to fall.


‘We need lasting solution’- STEVEN  IGE

It’s true electricity has dropped further in supply and that’s really affecting my daily activities both at home and in my shop. I now run everything on generator. And fuel is now expensive. So, not having light regularly at the moment is a big headache and is really affecting every aspect of life. I believe it’s high time the Federal Government found a lasting solution to the problem. And to worsen it all, the tariff was not cut down and we don’t enjoy what we pay for.


‘I miss a lot of shows and matches’- FOLARIN  ADEYEMO

We normally don’t have light during the day, and most times, I’m not affected because I have a generator or I go to the mall. At night, it’s not always funny, heat and all that. Government should do something about it and fast. I miss a lot of shows and soccer matches because of light problem.


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