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Nigerians have zero tolerance for same sex relationships

The same-sex relationship and marriage are gaining acceptability in various countries. Several countries, especially the Western countries, have passed gay bills into law. While these countries give gays and lesbians the right to marry, many countries still punish homosexual acts with prison time, torture and even death. Few countries that have passed the gay law include Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Iceland, Ireland, Luxemburg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Uruguay and the United States of America. 

Here, Nigerian government rejected the bill when it was introduced in the regime of former President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. 

Meanwhile, there have been Nigerians who indulge in the gay act despite the rejection of the bill by the Federal Government.

With the wide acceptability of same sex marriage all around the world, spoke with Nigerians whether they are more tolerant of gays now.

Here are their reactions.


Okafor Stella

Of course, no! Even if the whole world succumbs to it, I would definitely be an exemption.


Ojo Olamide

Never, I will never be able to tolerate a gay no matter what. A male like myself can’t be attractive to me when there are so many ladies out there unexplored.


Tijani Taoheed

Why will I be hostile against a gay? After all, he is human like I am. The worst I could do is to get closer to be able to speak/preach some senses unto him.


Kareem Rukayat

Allah is against it, and apart from that, it’s rubbish and does not make sense. It’s just as if those that engage in it have brain touch, because mere looking at them is disgusting. Besides that, they don’t even have anything to gain from it because they can’t reproduce. I can’t stand a gay at all.


Olayemi Olakunle

Capital NO. Permit me to go biblical, it’s against my religion and what the bible teaches.


Olaniyi Dolapo

When Allah cursed someone who is even acting like, not to now talk of a person doing it. I seek Allah’s refuge from that. I can’t tolerate what my God forbids.


Azeez Sirajudeen

God forbid. Gay act is against the teaching of our noble Prophet. I can’t tolerate them, they are disgusting.


Kareem Kehinde

No, I can’t tolerate them because the act does not give room for people to get married properly. And it does not also give room for reproduction. Aside that, it is also unislamic.


Ojo Ebenezer

I don’t think I’m more tolerant of gay now, even if the act is passed into law. The reason being they will argue there’s something called human right law and so they should be allowed to do whatever pleases them. And in another context, the more they are given what they believe to be freedom of action, the more the population sky rockets, thereby resulting to what would generally be termed as norm.


Ogunsakin Olumide

No, I can never tolerate gays. I don’t even know them except someone points them to me. I used to see them far off, anyone close to me can never be gay. I don’t think anyone can be perverse. God created us male and female, you don’t have any excuse for anyone to be gay. It is boldly written in the Bible and I am sure it will be in the Quran as well – man should be man, woman should be woman. I can’t tolerate them at all.


Adeleye Tunbosun

I have only seen a gay once, and the day I saw him, I didn’t know he was a gay. If I was told earlier before he left eventually, I and my friends would have beaten him up. Gays are one of the reasons why God is angry with mankind, they are one of the reasons why things are not going on fine. I can never tolerate them. The one I even saw was really unpleasant to the eyes. You can imagine a man behaving like a lady. I can’t stand them.


Oyeniyi Yemisi

I can tolerate anyone as far as they don’t go out of their bounds. Once the gays know their limit, the world is a big place. Do your own, let me do mine. I don’t have problems with anybody, a gay is only doing what he believes is right. Most of us are pretenders, the only reason why some people are not practicing gay now is because it’s against the laws of the country. If the law is passed today, many Nigerians would embrace it.


Aloba Yomi

I can’t possibly tolerate gays, their attitude corrupt public morals. They are just, I don’t know what to say about them. The act is satanic, just that most of them are addicted already.


Olanipekun Olaide

I can’t tolerate them because God has destroyed a whole nation because of this act before. And I also pray that our government will continue to do the right thing and not pass such sinful act into law.


Jacob Teniola

I can never tolerate that, and I am sure the federal government won’t sign that kind of thing. Let’s just leave the white people with their way of life. When God is ready for them, they will know the consequences of what they are doing.


– Azeezat Kareem for 


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