Nigerians highlight how to promote made in Nigeria goods

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The Federal Government of Nigeria has said it intends to make Nigerians look inwards by buying products, especially vehicles made in the country. This was said by the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr Ogbonnaya Onu, when he featured on the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) forum in Abuja.

He stated, “This is the only way to make Nigeria a producer country and to encourage local manufacturers to produce and grow the economy.

“We already have made in Nigeria car. We want to champion the idea, to encourage our own local manufacturers. This is the only way we can ever become a producer nation. We can’t continue to be a consumer nation alone, it won’t help us.

“Space science and technology is a huge asset that a country such as Nigeria should take advantage of because it has a direct impact on agriculture, environment and health.”

Meanwhile, Nigerians have reacted to this new development as many people see it to be a great move by the Federal Government but it can only be possible if the Federal Government won’t relent in its effort to make Nigeria a producing state.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled opinion of Nigerians about the new development with the question, can Nigeria actually become a producing nation? In the chat, many people reveal to us that Nigeria has all it takes to be a producing state, while others lambasted the idea as just a waste of time.



I agree, the country can produce all kinds of cars and other products but how many government officials are using the made in Nigeria cars or products? They are driving imported SUV jeeps. Nigeria spent about N36 million on cars for lawmakers from oversea, why not use that huge amount to facilitate made in Nigeria products.

Innoson Motors has been in Nigeria for about 10 years now but they lack facilities, this is why we have not been seeing them on the street. FG needs to have a rethink and lead by example.



Nigeria is a blessed country, we have all it takes to produce things here in the country but the only problem we are facing is bad governance. This is 2016, by now Nigeria should be competing with other producing countries if we have had good governance in the past.

Things that should have been done in the past are what we are concentrating on now. The country has lost a lot in terms of its dignity. Our political system is fake and biased. Nigeria is the only country that God has blessed with what they need but they lack how to utilize that things they have. I think the present administration is doing its best to resuscitate things.

So, let us hope for the best of the country as we are about to start to produce.



Yes! Nigeria can produce a lot of things that can boost the economy but this is what we have not been doing. The country is losing millions everyday on importation of goods that can be produced locally. I have always been telling people, “The only good you as a citizen can do for the country is to think of an idea of public benefit.”

We need to put our hands in something or a public benefit. I was ashamed when I heard Nigeria was importing match sticks. These are things we can produce locally. So, the present administration should encourage Nigerians to participate in making the country a producing country.



The country has all it takes to produce anything at our reach but is the Federal Government ready to make this happen? Personally, I have been hearing this for long. Our past leaders have been promising to make the country a producing nation but none has ever accomplished the mission.

We need governance that will tell us what they mean in this country. Let’s take China for instance, many products from China now flood Nigerian market. Nigeria imports a lot of things from China. The country is doing fine because they are producing. When they started, people have the mindset that products from China are fake but as time went on, they improved the quality of their product. Now the country (China) is doing fine. A lot of people now prefer products from China to other countries.

Nigeria can do even more but we have not been doing what we are supposed to do. Now the country is facing economic instability just because we depend on crude oil, now the price of barrels of crude oil has fallen, the country is struggling to survive just because we no longer have buyers for our crude oil. We need to focus on other aspects. We need to produce more, we need to invest more in agriculture. With that we should hope for a better Nigeria.



The country has been a consumer nation for too long. Nigerians no longer think of new ideas. Now, the Federal Government wants to make Nigeria a producing country but adequate facilities have not been put in place. No power supply, bad roads and other amenities like that we are lacking.

It is when there is constant power supply that manufacturers can do more. So, there are certain thing the Federal Government needs to put in place to make this country a producing nation.


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