Nigerians kick against postponement of Feb. 14 elections

Majority of Nigerians are against any move to postpone the February 14, 2015 general elections. Only a few are calling on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to consider a shift it they are not ready for the polls…

‘It shouldn’t be postponed’ -OLANIYI WILLIAMS

No, there are many projects going on and they are pending because of the elections. It shouldn’t be postponed, so that the next government would continue the execution of the project.

‘Yes, it should be postponed’ -ADEKITAN SADE

Yes, it should be postponed. Some people go to work early everyday and they come back late. They won’t have time to go and collect their PVC. The Federal Government needs to declare a day as public holiday so that people won’t give excuses of not going to collect their PVC.

‘Who will win, will win whether it’s postponed or not’ -OLAYINKA AHMED

I don’t support the call by National Security Agency (NSA) to postpone the elections. I believe it’s just a way to drag the nation’s growing democracy backward.

I think President Jonathan and other PDP leaders are jittery of Buhari’s intimidating candidacy, that’s why the NSA suggested postponement of the elections. Come what may, Nigerians are ready. There was no time election had held that we didn’t experience violence, but the end point was usually that the election held. Who will win, will win whether it’s postponed or not.

‘There is no justification’ -KAYODE SALAKO

There is no justification in postponing the election. I don’t support that because nobody forced INEC to fix the dates. I believe they must have done their home work before arriving at the dates. If the reason for the call for the postponement is because of the fact that a lot of people have not collected their PVCs, I will now ask, whose fault? I will still blame INEC and the Federal Government for their inefficiency. Who appointed INEC officials and supervises the operation of INEC? So, I will blame the Federal Government more for not supervising INEC well. Four years is enough for the FG to empower INEC appropriately to effect proper preparations. Distribution of PVCs ought to have commenced two weeks earlier. By now, the distribution of PVCs should have been done with. So, it is all about the fault of INEC, and I think it’s all a deliberate scheme between INEC and FG to disenfranchise many Nigerians.

The PDP leaders only thought the arrangements will be in their favour. But now, they are crying. One thing I know is that postponement of elections will only worsen the situation, it will cause chaos.

It will spark off civil disobedience because in the minds of many Nigerians, the dates are sacrosanct. Nigerians don’t want the election postponed. It’s the day we all have a date with destiny of this country. Besides, it is not compulsory that everybody must vote in Nigeria. It is optional. If at the end of the day, everybody cannot get the PVC, the election must still hold. It’s all going to be the fault of INEC and its supervising PDP and never APC.

‘It is better done and forgotten’ -TOYE OLUWAFEMI

No, it is better done and forgotten once and for all. If it is postponed, why the public holidays and the trouble of going to collect PVC.

‘They should give more time’ -FUNKE ADEBISI

Yes, a lot of people have not collected their PVC. Does it mean some people will not vote? Some actually went to the local governments as directed but they didn’t find their PVC. It is better they give more time to sort out all these issues.

‘It shouldn’t be postponed’  -FEYISADE CHARLES

No, it should not because that will cause a greater security problem. There will be serious protests, especially in the north. INEC officials and other government workers may be targeted as we saw in the past.

‘Elections should hold that day’ -JERRY KABIRI

No, because I see no reason why the elections should not hold on that day.

‘It shouldn’t be postponed’ -TOMIWA BELLO

It’s a surprise that the election date is dedicated to lovers. It might disrupt plans a little but I am satisfied with the date. It shouldn’t be postponed.

‘I’m very happy with the date’ -FOLUSHO TAIWO

The elections shouldn’t be postponed! I’m very happy with the date. It means this year our young generation won’t be permitted to engage in immorality in the name of celebrating Valentine Day.

‘It shouldn’t be postponed’ -OLUWASEGUN KEHINDE

No, elections should not be postponed because it means postponing doom’s day. Regardless of any other thing, the elections must and should hold.

‘It should be postponed’ -FABOWALE MUYIWA

No, it should be postponed because celebration of Valentine Day isn’t the change Nigerians are yearning for. In fact, where is the love we are celebrating?

‘It should be shifted’ – PRECIOUS EKECHI

I was seriously thinking about it even before it was mentioned in the news. My reason for wanting it to be postponed is simple. I don’t have my PVC, most of my friends and relatives also do not and this just two weeks to the election. It should be shifted so that there would be more time to distribute the PVC.

‘There should be tighter security’ -ANDREW ADIGWE

No, the elections should not be postponed. This is a deliberate ploy by people who have failed to perform in office and know they will lose. What I advise is there should be tighter security and people should refrain from violence. In the north eat, there should be no election.

‘Elections shouldn’t be postponed’  -MICHAEL CHIALOZIE

I don’t think so. Why should it be postponed? Are we a newly-independent country that cannot hold elections? We have been through all this before, so I expect that by now our security personnel and INEC would prepare adequately.

‘I want it shifted’ -NZEWUBA AHUNNA

I want it shifted. I like the suggestion by the national security adviser. Looking at it from a security point of view, we are not really ready for such keenly contested elections. In recent times, this would be the toughest election we’ll be having. We are not ready.

‘Elections shouldn’t be shifted’ -GREG MBAJIOGU

There is no reason the February 14, 2015 election should be postponed. I think they just want to truncate this democracy. I don’t even understand why the PDP is supporting the call to stop the election.

It’s a bad omen. It will give a dangerous signal to the world.

‘If INEC is not ready, Jega should resign’ -JERRY NWADIKE

I don’t know why people want the general elections to be postponed. That is senseless. I think INEC should state it categorically that the election is holding on February 14, 2015. And if Jega is not ready, let him resign now. That’s my position.

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