Nigerians lament as power supply falls by 1589MW

Nigerians have decried the reduced number of hours they get power as power supply from the national grid has fallen by more than 1,000 megawatts.

According to data obtained from the Federal Ministry of Power and Steel, power supply across Nigeria has plunged by 1,589 megawatts since February 2.

ENCOMIUM Weekly went to town to engage some Nigerians on the development…


‘It is not helping issues at all’- FOLAKE ISAAC

It is not helping issues at all. The supply of light has been very low. I have to run generator all day so I can have cold drinks. Yes, I have noticed a sharp drop of electricity. During the yuletide last year there was steady light. Sometimes I had to switch off the freezer so bottle will not break because of the iced drinks. Sometimes I had iced drinks for a week, but now sometimes I have to buy ice block to chill my drinks.


‘It is unfair the way they are treating us’ – MR. OGUNTOLU

It is unfair the way they are treating us. They are distributing prepaid meters yet we are not seeing light. Who will not notice the drop in supply of power. As at last year, the supply in power was steady but since Wednesday I have not seen light in my house.


‘Electricity supply has dropped in the last few days’ – MOSES IBE

Electricity supply has dropped in the last few days, and it’s unfair. I believe the Federal Government could have done better instead of drawing the hands of clock backward concerning power sector, especially with all the hope and confidence Nigerians have in Babatunde Raji Fashola.

I have noticed the sharp drop and it’s really affecting my business. We used to have light for not less than 12 hours before but now we hardly have light for three hours in a day. I have gone back fully to generator because without it, I can’t get anything done successfully. I think President Muhammadu Buhari needs to get his priority right. The issues of power sector needs to be attended to without any further delay.


‘Electricity supply has really dropped’ – MUSBAUDEEN SALAWU

Yes, electricity supply has really dropped, and it’s noticeable everywhere maybe because majority of Nigerians have said no to further and injusticeable increase in electricity tariff may have been the reason for the unexpected drop to justify the claim that the government need money to fix the sector.

And the poor must suffer for that because I don’t see any reason that just within the period of the agitation for the ungodly hike in the tariff as proposed by the Minister for Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Raji Fashola that the power supply just dropped by about 1,600MW. And since then, the supply has been very terrible.

This is not the kind of change expected of Buhari led administration. And Fashola should not forget that he’s a minister not Lagos State governor again.


‘It is quite unfair really’ – SESAN ADEMOLA

I don’t buy the idea because we are not enjoying the light we pay through our noses for. I pay N5,000 monthly. I know a neighbour that pays N11,000 or N12,000 per month. Is it not criminal for them to add to our burden. It is quite unfair really. There is a lot of injustice in the country and it is the masses that are at the receiving end.


‘Our Government are not sensitive to our plight’ – NIYI BENJAMIN

Our Government are not sensitive to our plight. Sometimes back, we were told there was subsidy on petrol and we were paying through our noses to buy petrol. Later, they said the subsidy has been removed and we were paying less and getting fuel without queues, so, what the minister of power was saying days back is something I cannot comprehend. Some people are manipulating electricity bills and taking advantage of us. I totally disagree with any increment.


‘I don’t know if there’s a drop’ – NDUKA KENNETH

I’ve not noticed any drop, we don’t normally have light before. So I don’t know if there’s a drop. My annoyance is that the tariff is increased. Before, if I buy N3,500 card, it will last almost a month, now it’s just two weeks.


‘Is it the dollar rate that’s affecting it, too?’ – GODWIN ESSEH

Honestly, I’ve not been around the house a lot to tell if there’s a difference in the hours they give us light.

But I know that sometimes when I’m preparing to go to work we used to have light that early morning. But now, nothing. Or is it the dollar rate that’s affecting it, too?

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