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Nigerians lament as U.K set to deport non-EU migrants who earn less than £35,000 yearly

-a look at those who are exempted from the policy

Nigerians have taken to social media to air their thoughts on the United Kingdom, UK’s Home Policy to deport non-EU (European Union) migrants who earn less than £35,000 (about N6,965,000) annually, starting April. The policy which comes into effect on April 6, applies to all overseas workers who have been in the UK for five years on a Tier 2 visa.

ENCOMIUM Weekly checks revealed that to apply for a Tier 2 (General) visa, the applicant must:


 be a skilled worker from outside the European Economic Area

 have a Certificate of Sponsorship from a UK employer who holds a valid Tier 2 sponsorship licence. There is an annual cap on the number of Tier 2 (General) visas that can be granted, it stands at 20,700 visas. People earning over £150,000 (about N45,000,000) per year are excluded from the cap.

 meet the UK Border Agency (UKBA) maintenance requirements

 meet the UKBA English requirements and;

 score 70 points or more in the Tier 2 points tests

After five years on this visa, skilled workers are able to apply for ‘indefinite leave to remain’ but from April when this policy will be fully implemented, anyone applying for indefinite leave to remain in the UK will need to earn at least £35,000 per year.

Those who enjoy exemptions from the rule


Nurses and PhD-level jobs

Nurses, PhD-level jobs and any professions that have been on the official ‘shortage occupation list’ while the person has been living in the UK are exempt from this threshold, temporarily.

Those who have been in the UK for more than five years. The new rule doesn’t apply to anyone who entered the country on a Tier 2 visa on or before April 5 2011 (five years and one day before the rule kicks in).

Those on a marriage visa. Those who are in the country on a marriage visa are equally exempted.



Some found it funny and made a joke out of it…

SouthernBreeze on said: “Buhari travels is really yielding positive results. With the way we’re going presently, Somalia might start deporting Nigerians.”

Tosin on said: “Instead of them to say black people gerrout, they’ll be speaking grammar. Kai. All of you nno, welcome back, sannu da zuwa, e ku irin ajo. Home is kukuma sweet. Very sunny.”

Orijintv also on said: “So, you mean all the shakara wey Mbok do for me just cos say she Nack Enta UK go soon end…Make I go freshen up, cos na my turn to do shakara dis April”.

Another Nairaland user, Kreamie added: “Welcome home in advance people of the abroad”.

StarOnEarth on said: “My uncle should be on his way back to Nigeria. That man never even fit send bread come house since he comot. Maybe na because e salary no reach £35,000.”



Meccuno on said: “These are the people we call “colonial masters”. If I may ask, what has the British or the white man ever done for us that demands we give them respect? They rub it in our faces and we still worship them…..God, in his infinite mercy has given the black people a reasonable brain which is the same size worldwide. But why we kill over mundane things like religion, tribe and cult affiliation instead of knowledge beats my imagination. The black man is a waste of space.”

BongsZulu_SA on “Let’s fix our very own countries and continent Fellas. After that we’ll have to tighten our migration policies on Non-African migrants, put strict laws on our minerals and natural resources, and then see who will cry??.. Even if it takes us decades or centuries, tables have to turn at some point.”

PeteVlogger on said: “This news is a very sad one… What are our ambassadors doing?”

Zelex9 on “The fact of the matter is that currently in Britain there is a strong immigration concern among the people. Pressure is on infrastructure such as healthcare, education and housing has led to serious debate hence the EU referendum coming up in June. This has nothing to do with targeting Nigerians specifically and while personally I do agree with the idea behind the policy. I am not a supporter behind the deportation (the policy should take effect on those seeking to migrate to the UK) as at least these people have the right to work and live in the UK. Energy should be spent on rounding up illegal immigrants.”

Nene on “Don’t mind them. Nigeria is difficult, yes, but u will always be a foreigner in a foreign country. why can’t u contribute to the growth of our nation and share a part in its history. black people fought for their freedom after years of slavery, why can’t we fight to make our country better?”

Edu on said: “That was funny! Bottom line is we’ve got to develop our own countries. We can’t keep hoping on migrating to get better lives.”



Sijo01 on Nairaland said: “Anything can happen in Buhari’s government so I’m not surprised.”

Emmaugoh on Nairaland: “na wah o… I thought Buhari’s visit is for peaceful concern”

EmekaBlue, a user felt: “if it really happens…peeps supporting this Buhari regime in the UK go come see for themselves.”

Ooshinibos on said: “I saw this coming, the immigration issue is getting messy with the war in Syria and the ineffectual African continent , we are all heading for UK ; Honestly, UK has helped a lot of Nigerians, it’s about time we all come back home , the only problem is that Nigeria doesn’t have electricity, I don’t know how I will survive ( I cannot live on diesel generator or even inverter which they call electricity in Nigeria) … things we take for granted is divine in Nigeria, if Nigeria can get this essential infrastructure (electricity) right , we will all come home voluntarily.”


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