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Nigerians lament biting economy (2)

The unsually-high exchange rate, crashing global oil price and embezzling of public funds by corrupt official have all conspired to make life unbearable for the ordinary Nigerian on the streets.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with some on the economic condition of the country and here’s what they said…


‘I don’t think the economy is harsh’ – Prince Osajie

I don’t think the economy is harsh, at least not like people say. It’s a matter of perspective. It’s how you look at it. this same economy that people say is harsh is benefiting others. So, it’s all depends on how you’re looking at the situation. Times like this there are opportunities that if you open your eyes you can cash in on them.


‘We’re working hard’ – Akindele Agbolade

We’re working hard. There’s nothing you can do. Feeding the family is there, the rent, school fees, extended family problems – everything is on your shoulder. I’m careful when it comes to spending.

I think the government should subsidize certain things, especially household items.


‘It doesn’t affect food condiments’ – Emmanuel Uche

We have always been coping, as far as it doesn’t affect food condiments a lot. It’s clothes that we will stop buying. Government officials should stop devaluation of naira because of greed.


‘Economy hardship did not start today’ – Adebisi Shoyoye

Economy hardship did not start today, even when a barrel of oil was $150, the masses were suffering. One should cut his coat according to his height then pray that all is well, because when there is live and good health, there is hope.


‘We can only keep praying for God’s intervention’ – Tosin Oloniluwa

With the rise of the dollar against the naira, the fall of oil price, the present state is nothing to write home about but the truth of the matter is one man’s poison is another man’s food. There are some people that are still smiling to the bank even in this so-called hard times. Nevertheless, the masses need a better Nigeria and good leadership. We can only keep praying for God’s intervention. He started the good work and He will finish the good work.

The government should also capitalize on our natural resources. I know we have just started but I feel more awareness and empowerment needs to be channeled to such areas. Corruption cannot be overemphasized. It is the major problem we have in Nigeria. The President is doing a good work fishing out the culprits but more needs to be done. Good leadership will sort everything out – electricity, employment, good infrastructure, good hospitals and schools.


‘When there is life, there is hope’ – Bose Olaifa

We are coping. When there is life, there is hope. Things seem a bit harder. Things are more expensive, school fees, house rent has gone up.

We want the government to create policies that will help our economy grow. Money recovered from looters should be invested into the Nigerian economy.


‘The economy is really tough’ – Korede Ogungboye

The economy is really tough. Everybody is complaining, including the rich. We are depending on God. He is our source and help. We also plan with what we have. We don’t spend more than we earn. We also had to look for extra income.

We are depending on the government to come to our aid. I believe they have the solution to what is happening.


‘The economy is terrible at the moment’ – Julius Fatundun

The economy is terrible at the moment. Even to eat three square meals in a day is becoming extremely difficult. As a bread winner, I find it difficult to cope this time around. I am yet to pay a dime out of my children’s school fees. My rent has expired since November 2015, I don’t know where to get 300,000 now to settle that. Unlike before, I don’t have food stuff at home. We have resorted to buying in bits anytime we want to cook. I am fed up.


‘We keep hoping every day’ – Ramon Alabi

Even a mad man on the street is feeling the heat of the economic situation of the country right now. We keep hoping every day, but it seems the hope is not even near at all. I have chosen not to eat thrice again, I only eat two times in a day. But if I could do that, will I ask my little children not to eat thrice, even more? This is the period that some men are losing their headships.

Many families have been set apart because of the poor economic situation of the country. May God help us.


‘I am working aggressively now’ – Tunji Amao

I am applying every legitimate means to take care of my family. I have decided to double my hustle so my family can survive. I can’t work with ease like before. I am working aggressively now.

The government should just find the easiest way out so the poor won’t die of hunger.


‘It’s not easy’ – Chinedu Amadi

I am really working hard. I am a businessman, so it’s not easy. I recently had to tell my wife to go back to work. She was a full housewife, now that she’s working, we have income from two sides. So that survival can be easier.

Government should provide more jobs and do something about the devaluation of the naira. It is affecting a lot of businesses.


‘It has been God all the way’ – Tayo Olawale

It has been God all the way because if one should think of the economic situation of the country, we will not be able to do something useful with our time that is why I always thank God in all.

Presently, the high unemployment rate in the country should be tackled headlong.


‘All I do is pray to God to sustain me and my family’ – Tajudeen Ajala

I am coping fine, trying to sustain my family because there is nothing I can do about it, neither can I change anything about what is going on in the country. So, all I do is pray to God to sustain me and my family.

The government should create jobs for the youths, and graduates and even those that were laid off from their work place due to inability to pay staff salaries. They should also enhance the comfort of Nigerians, no matter the position regardless of the devaluation of naira


‘I am just hoping that things will get better’ – Kayode Abiodun

I am just hoping that things will get better. I am still unemployed. If there had been job opportunities I would have been employed. I know the economic situation is nasty but I believe it is going to get better.

The government should set up industries for the masses.


‘Things have not changed from the way it used to be…’ – Mohammed Sidime

I am coping. Things have not changed from the way it used to be but we are still hoping for a better economy. The issue of high exchange rate is biting harder and all that, but it is actually of benefit to some people, most especially those who get money from abroad. The government should focus on the economy and create job opportunities.

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