Nigerians lament difficulties in getting Permanent Voters Cards (PVC)

The ongoing registration for Permanent Voters Card (PVC) has witnessed a lot of difficulties that have militated against the exercise. Some Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to lamented the challenges of obtaining the card, while some are even yet to get theirs.

INEC should be kind to us’ – SOPHIA AGWAONYE
Yes, I have got my PVC. But I only have one question to ask INEC. After four years of preparations and billions of naira in the 2014 budget, is this the best they can offer? It’s appalling! Despite all what has been pumped into this body and the rave reviews, getting our voter’s card is like going to space. This shouldn’t be the case. There should be a kind of website where we can register with ease.

‘I don’t know why we can’t get anything done right in this country’ – ADEBAYO CHIDUBEM OKAFOR
No, I don’t have my PVC and I am very unhappy. The stress in getting it done is like getting a visa to planet Jupiter. I don’t know why we can’t get anything done right in this country. I thought that after the billions of naira set aside for conducting next year’s elections, things would improve. But no, it’s the same old story.
I suggest that we go digital. I mean, everything should be digitalized. We are in 2014, not the 1990s like INEC is making it appear.

‘INEC needs more hands’ – VICTOR AKE
Yes, I’ve got mine. Here in Port-Harcourt, Rivers state, it was pretty much stress-free at my centre. Though we had to stand in the sun for hours unending. Some people found their names on the attendance register but their cards were not found. But in my case it was not really difficult.
In terms of improvement, INEC needs more hands certainly, more skilled hands for that matter. Even some of their staffers don’t know what they are supposed to be doing.

‘I am happy they extended it’ – ASANDREA COLLECTION
Yes, I collected mine some days ago. So far so good. I am particularly happy that they extended the collection of the cards in some places in Lagos state. That way, a lot of people were also able to collect theirs.

‘A lot needs to be done’ – MAHMUD ABDURRASAQ
I have not collected my PVC because I couldn’t find my card on the day of distribution. The exercise has been fair enough but a lot needs to be done in order not to deprive the citizens the right to vote.

‘The exercise was hitch free’- GIFT UZOMA
Yes, I have since collected my PVC. And I can tell you the exercise was hitch-free in my area. I can only suggest that the collection time should be extended.

Yes, I have collected my PVC. It wasn’t generally easy but we must still commend INEC for a job well done. I don’t have any suggestion because they did well.

‘They need to put a lot of things in place’ – ABIONA BUNMI
No, I have not collected it. I don’t even know if I am interested in voting, then, the news about its collection is discouraging. The process is not well planned, they need to put a lot of things in place before it can be a successful exercise.

‘It wasn’t as difficult as people have been talking about it really’ – OSHAJI OLAKUNLE
Yes, I have collected mine. It wasn’t as difficult as people have been talking about it really. Though, it was on a weekend I obtained it. INEC should listen to the series of complains about it and act accordingly.

‘INEC’s playing politics with PVC’ – NGOZI UBANI
I’m yet to collect my PVC. And I’m not happy about it all. They claimed my name is missing in the data. It should be a continuous exercise and INEC should be much more transparent.

‘It’s cool’ – JACOB ABIODUN
Yes, I have collected my PVC. It’s really hitch-free in my area. INEC is doing a good job in my opinion.

‘I think the INEC should just extend the date’ – MALLAM HABEEB HARUNA
I am yet to obtain my PVC. I misplaced the temporary one given to me during the previous registration exercise. They said if I don’t present that one, I can’t get the permanent one. And since I have been going to the registration unit, they have not treated my case.
I am not event the only one, a lot of people are also affected. I think the INEC should just extend the date to enable all eligible Nigerians have the cards.

‘It’s very tough to obtain PVC in my area’ – ANTAR LANIYAN
It’s very tough to obtain PVC in Mushin, my area. Mine is missing so also many are. We don’t even know the way out yet. It seems they are denying me that thing o! I have the old one, but they couldn’t find the new one. And I couldn’t re-register.
It’s a kind of shabby exercise. I have been there many times. And it’s my right, I don’t think I should be denied at all. If there are no hidden agenda, they should just give us more time so that every eligible voter can obtain the PVC.

‘They need to do something fast’ – JUSTINA ADUGBA
No. I was on the queue for two days but was not attended to. The government should have the machines all around each community for good result to and people would not leave their homes and offices for no reason.

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