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Nigerians lament harsh times (3)

No doubt, Nigeria’s economy is in a deplorable situation at the moment. And that has made survival extremely difficult for average Nigerians. Most people now live from hand to mouth, leaving little or nothing to save from their earnings.

Some Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly sought their views lamented poor standard of living and advised the government to embark on meaningful projects that will raise the hope of the suffering masses.



In my years as a married man, I’m in my 13th year now, I have learnt to plan ahead for those days when things won’t be smooth sailing. And if we are frank with ourselves, we would know that those days will certainly come, what we can then do is prepare for it. For me and my family, we cut down on excesses, like the incessant ‘daddy, buy me this, buy me that’ when it is not necessary. Aside from that, that’s when we deep into our savings to fund some necessary things. By next month, the school principal will start disturbing the children over school fees. There’s nothing you can do, you prepare ahead and adjust to it when it comes.



Yes, things have been hard. From late last year, it just seems people are either holding money back and refusing to spend it or they don’t have. And in my work as a caretaker, the owners of the houses are on my neck every now and then, but the tenants keep giving excuses as to why they can’t pay up.

Of course, we are coping, we have to. We draw a budget that we try to follow, even though it’s hard and clearly spell out what we need and what we do not.



Definitely, things are really hard, very hard. The reason is because of changes the country is going through. The new government, before things can get settled, there might be ups and down first. It requires perseverance, sacrifice and being strong to stand.

We have no choice as Nigerians, we have to cope. As an individual, I can blend to any circumstance. I just make my environment conducive first. I try to overlook the hardship, keep my mind busy. I do things that makes me happy. I make sure I am always positive. I don’t wait for the government, rather, I try to look for ways to help myself.



Yes, times are hard. The way we cope is to depend on God, goodwill of friends and family members alike. God’s grace is there. We are coping by doing some private practice and consultancy works here and there.



Yes, times are hard. Comparing the beginning of the year to now, I have seen drastic changes in everything. I had more clients at the beginning, we were coping well. I had a lot of dreams but gradually, things just nose dived, some say it is because of the transition the nation is going through. All is well.

We just have to keep pushing. It is only the dead that can’t do that. Once there is life, there is hope. Things will pick up gradually too.



It’s true and obvious that we’re in a difficult time now. But one thing I want all Nigerians to believe is that for a change to take place, we must all pay the required sacrificed, and that’s what is happening now. I strongly believe things will soon turn out to be better.

Personally, I believe God is in control and very soon, we will all have a reason or reasons to celebrate and appreciate God for giving us President Muhammadu Buhari.



It’s not easy for an average Nigerian to survive at the moment. The economy is not friendly at all. I am only trying to adjust at every situation I find myself. I make sure I don’t operate beyond my limit. I have cut off all the unnecessary expenses just to cater for the important ones. We’re in a very difficult situation as far as Nigeria’s economy is concerned, and one must learn to be very frugal.



Things are generally hard now. And it’s made it difficult for us to eat quality food three times in a day. We’re now cutting our coat according to our cloth. Even, we’re yet to pay our children’s school fees which is unlike us. We’re only praying that things take shape before the year runs out. If not, the situation is likely to be worse than it is now.

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