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Nigerians lament harsh times

No doubt, Nigeria’s economy is in a deplorable situation at the moment. And that has made survival extremely difficult for average Nigerians. Most people now live from hand to mouth, leaving little or nothing to save from their earnings.

Some Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly sought their views lamented poor standard of living and advised the government to embark on meaningful projects that will raise the hope of the suffering masses.



Would you say times are harder than the previous years? How, why?

No, times aren’t harder. Instead, I can say we are beginning to see little improvement, especially in areas of power supply and availability of fuel, cooking gas. Though the exchange rate is yet to improve significantly, I can say it’s better than few months back.

How are you coping with the situation?

I am coping better really. The future is brighter, knowing that our common wealth wouldn’t be squandered by some few rogues. Then there would be opportunities for all.

What do you expect the Government to do to address the situation?

I want government to double their efforts, recover our funds and channel them into people-oriented projects.



Would you say times are harder than the previous years? How, why?

Times are really hard now. You can imagine, everybody is complaining there is no money. Companies are downsizing, some are struggling to survive. I know about three companies that have packed up this year. Some had more than two, three branches before, but now, they have merged into one. Things are really tough now. In terms of cost of living, from house rent to food stuffs, everything is expensive. Surviving in business is also difficult. Infrastructure are no more there.

How are you coping with the situation?

There is a saying that when it gets tough, the tough gets going. We just have to keep on moving. Living on the grace of God. Cutting down our budget to the most needful. No more wastage and excesses.

What do you expect the government to do to address the situation?

Government promised change, but it is not forthcoming. They really need to do more. Let the government provide infrastructure in the state.



Would you say times are harder than the previous years? How, why?

Yes, this year has been very tough. Prices of consumables have gone up. Even the change system adopted by Government is becoming over bearing. They are over taxing us. The ban on importation has made things go up. The inflation rate has increased. Making a means of living is a threat to a lot of people now. People are losing their jobs, with nothing to fall on again. I can say, last year was better by far in all aspects.

How are you coping with the situation?

We have learnt how to cut our coat according to our cloth. I have reduced my expenses. The most important things are the things that matter now. I am also trying to get other means of income.

What do you expect the government to do to address the situation?

I will start with Lagos state. They are the only state that impose taxes and levies. They charge too much. To own a shop in Lagos is a big problem because of levies you must pay. Government should embark on policies that are friendly to Nigerians as well.



Would you say times are harder than the previous years? How, why?

Times are really harder now. There is no money anywhere, even the rich are complaining bitterly. Most of my customers that used to pay in cash are now debtors. I had to stop some of their supplies, and that decision has slowed down business drastically.

How are you coping with the situation?

I don’t go beyond my boundary again. It is what I can afford that I approach. I used to patronize my friends because they are my friends, not that I necessarily need what they sell. That has stopped now.

What do you expect the government to do to address the situation?

I think they are working. We have just not seen the effect of their effort yet. I pray and hope it materializes.



Would you say times are harder than the previous years? How, why?

This year has been fantastic, don’t let me say the opposite. It is really hard to see someone who is not complaining. Let me give you an example, I went to drop my son for summer lesson when the gate man of his school approached me that he lost his father. Being the first child, he has to give the most. He complained for minutes, I prayed and told him I will do whatever I can. In my mind I was laughing because, my landlord was threatening to throw us out, two children will soon go back to school, I had bills to pay and someone is complaining of money for burial. I intend relocating to another area but when I heard how much we need to do that, I became confused. I have two weeks to settle almost N500,000 bill, I can’t boast of a N100,000. I have been working, doing business along side. My sister, the economy is more than tough.

How are you coping with the situation?

I can’t explain how we have been managing. I just know we are existing. Some days it is just a meal in a day. Days when you have to fast compulsorily. Days when you have to forgo certain things just for the children to have food on their table.

What do you expect the government to do to address the situation?

Our Government should work on the economy. We also need to turn to God to heal our land. If giant nations can be complaining, you know something is wrong.



Would you say times are harder this year?

Yes. Since the beginning of the year things have been quite hard.

How and why are times harder now than last year?

I think it is because it is an election year. Before the elections there was no money in circulation because all the politicians hoarded the money they wasted on their campaigns. And since Buhari came into power, everything has been go slow mode. So things are harder this year, my brother, especially for us that have our own hand work. Salary people will get their money no matter what.

How do you cope?

We are managing, we don’t have other options. I don’t want what I don’t need. No useless spending. I used to subscribe for 9500 package on my DSTV, now I have cut down to 4500. We are managing like that.

What should the government do to address the situation?

I don’t know what they can do, seriously. All I know is that cost of some things are too high and they need to come down. Maybe the government can do something about that.



I won’t say times are harder, I just think it’s a matter of your kind of work. For instance, people were complaining during the elections, but for us in printing, we made money producing T-shirts, caps, posters and the rest. So, that’s how I see it. Everybody cannot have the same problem.

The only serious challenge we faced was that we also had to spend a lot of money running generator for hours nonstop to meet up with the target. Now, assume we had constant power throughout that period, how much profit do you imagine we would have made.



We were discussing this same thing yesterday morning at the newsstand. This year has been unusually tough. Let me make you laugh, I have this friend who used to brag to us that every month he must sew a new cloth, either English or native. He was doing it before but since March, he has not sewn even one. That’s to tell you how bad things are. It is where Jonathan and PDP put us with all their stealing and corruption. I hope Buhari cleans everything and makes things better. Till now, we have not seen anything.

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