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Nigerians lampoon Governor El-Rufai over plan to sack Kaduna school teachers

It’s sheer wickedness’, they echo 

Concerned Nigerians from different quarters have not stopped reacting to Kaduna governor, Mallam El-Rufai’s plan to sack the teachers in the state on account of what he described as lack of competence.

However, despite the fact that president Muhammad Buhari has also backed the controversial governor’s move, many Nigerians still believe it’s uncalled for and a sheer wickedness to go that far as it will only amount to sending the affected teachers back to the labour market. They also condemned El-Rufai’s assessment test for the aggrieved teachers, describing it as kangaroo and an attempt targeted at nailing the teachers.

Some Nigerians sought their opinions also shared similar views. 


‘It’s absolute rubbish’ – OBI UZOR

“I can never support that kind of a move. It’s absolute rubbish and sheer wickedness. Mallam El-Rufai just wants to disgrace the teachers despite the fact that he’s still owing them salaries. Even, the test he gave them was rubbish.

How can they be asking who the Commissioner of Police (CP) of Bayelsa state is? How many people know that? I don’t even know the CP of my state apart from that of Lagos state where I live. So, El-Rufai’s decision was wrong, and the fact that President Buhari is supporting him doesn’t mean make his action right as well. I will advise he stops the move so as not to cause an undue crisis in the state. Any attempt to sack those teachers will only amount to sending them back to the labour market, and that will be disastrous.”


‘I think he just deliberately wants to nail them’ – EMMANUEL NNANA

“I don’t believe in the stupid test the teachers were forced to do. There’s nothing in the test. He’s just being wicked. He doesn’t need that kind of kangaroo test to determine the competence of the teachers. Imagine asking them the name of Commissioner of Police of another state. Is that part of genuine Current Affairs question if he’s a serious person? In a state, the CP can be changed even three times in a year. I think he just wants to nail them. What he’s doing is just to call a dog names so that he can hang it. It’s unfair.”


‘EL-RUFAI is a confused person’ – PPOPOOLA AZEEZ

“The man doesn’t know what next. He’s a confused person. He just wants to punish and disgrace the teachers because he couldn’t pay their salaries. The test they did was just an excuse to nail them. It‘s sheer humiliation. Fine, we need competent teachers for the state of education to be commendable, not only in Kaduna but throughout the country, especially the north. But not through that kind of witch hunting approach. I think Buhari should have advised him against that instead of supporting him.”


‘I don’t support sacking of teachers in any state now’ – MALLAM ADAMU IDRIS

“What El-Rufai is doing is very wrong. I am not from Kaduna, although I may come from the north. He should have embarked on seminars and workshops that will improve the performances and skills of the teachers. In fairness to him, the level of education in the state is dwindling, and even in the north as a whole. But no matter what, sacking the teachers won’t help the situation, it will only worsen it.”


‘He needs to take things easy in the state’ – YEKINI OLOWOLAGBA

“I can’t condemn El-Rufai outrightly, but he needs to take things easy in that state. Sacking all these teachers he’s condemning will be the worst decision he has taken so since becoming the governor of the state.”


‘The man is autocratic’ – BELLO SARAFA

“El-Rufai is only pretending to be democratic I his style of governance. He’s an autocratic leader. Not all the teachers in other states are perfect. So, sacking the whole teachers in his state is not a wise decision. He should just ignore the result of his so called test and look for other means of dealing with the issue.”


‘Teachers are meant to be honoured, not to disgraced’ – WALE ADEGBENJO

“El-Rufai is not expected to be threatening Kaduna teachers. Instead, he’s supposed to be according them the necessary honour because teachers are not meant to be disgraced but honoured. He can’t prove to all Nigerians that the competence of the teachers he’s dealing with can be found in the so called aptitude test he gave them. He shouldn’t have gone that far. He should just reverse the decision and look for another way of tackling the dwindling standard of education in the state.”



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