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Nigerians lampoon National Assembly for Lagos-Ibadan, second Niger Bridge budget cut

‘It’s height of insensitivity and wickedness’, they chorus

Nigerians have condemned National Assembly for slashing the 2017 budgetary allocations on some capital projects, especially Lagos-Ibadan Express Road and Second Niger Bridge and increasing its own to N125 bn from N115bn in 2016. They described this action as not only selfish but insensitive to the yearnings of the masses.

Some Nigerians sought their views also lampooned the law makers for what they described as height of wickedness.


‘That’s sheer wickedness’ – OBI UZOR

“That’s very bad of them. It shows how wicked and selfish they are. Minister of Works, Housing and Power, Raji Fashola have been lamenting scarcity of fund to execute the projects in his domain, especially road and power projects. Now, these selfish law makers have given him opportunity to borrow more excuses for not serving the nation well. They’re a bunch of wicked and useless individuals. I think they should be recalled. How can they increase their own budget by N10bn and reduce the budget of the projects that will benefit Nigerians who they claim they’re representing and increase their budgetary allocation that has nothing to do with the poor people on the streets? That shows how wicked they are. Anyway, the government is a total failure. Nigerians are waiting for them, and 2019 will soon be around the corner.”


‘It’s height of irresponsibility’- EMMANUEL NNANA

‘These people are just selfish and wicked. What they did was nothing but height of irresponsibility and wickedness. They’re a bunch of saboteurs. They’re the ones who don’t want Buhari to succeed. Why can they increase their own budget at the expense of the ones that will benefit the masses? Meanwhile, most of them are super rich already. What do they want to use the money for? We have among them those who had served as two- term governors in their states before coming to the Senate where they’re still earning fat salary and allowances. So, what more are they still looking for?


‘They don’t have fear of God’ -LAWAL ADEGOKE

“What they have done has adequately confirmed their wickedness. It shows they don’t have the interest of the poor at heart. We’re not on their agenda. They’re only deceiving us. They don’t have the fear of God. But the only thing I know is that 2019 will soon be here, I am sure more than half of them won’t return. Nigerians are wise now. President Buhari has exposed them. I know majority of them will be happy now that the man is seriously ill. They will even be praying he shouldn’t return.

They’re all wicked and selfish. How can the projects be completed now when they have reduced the allocations? It wouldn’t have generated much noise if such huge amount deducted from Lagos-Ibadan road and Second Niger Bridge was voted for another capital project that will be of benefit to generality of Nigerian populace. But what the have done now has further proved to many reasonable Nigerians that they’re not there for people like us.”




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