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Nigerians lampoon Senate over face off with Customs boss, Hameed Ali

Many Nigerians have described the ongoing face-off between the Nigeria Customs and Excise Comptroller General, Col Hameed Ali (rtd) and the Senate as uncalled for and an attempt to detract the public from key issues.

A few Nigerians spoke with condemned the Upper Chamber for over flogging the issue of uniform between Ali and Bukola Saraki led Senate,describing it as unnecessary waste of time. They added that uniform or no uniform, Ali can still hold sway as Customs head unless there are  more to the issue that they are hiding from the public.
‘They should stop playing dirty politics against the man’ – LAWAL AYUBA 
“The issue the Senate is dragging with Ahmad Ali is unnecessary. The man can still perform whether or not he wears the uniform. They should face the real issues instead of embarking on unnecessary and dirty politics against the man.”

‘It’s unnecessary waste of time’ – BAMIDELE ISAAC
“The fight between the Senate and Ali is uncalled for. They’re just wasting time because it will lead nowhere. I don’t think it’s in our constitution that the man must wear Customs’ uniform. To me, they don’t have the right to force the uniform on him unless he willingly endorses it. That means the minister for Police Affairs must also put on police uniform before addressing the Senate. I don’t think it’s an issue at all unless there’s something they don’t want to make public.”

‘They just want to detract the public’ – EBUKA UZUCHUKWU
“I don’t see any issue in what they’re dragging. They just want to detract Nigerians from key issues. If not, of what benefit is that trivial issue to the public? They are more serious issues to be addressed than uniform or no uniform. I think Ali has offended Bukola Saraki and he’s looking for a way to disgrace him. What will now happen if the man comes to the Senate on Wednesday without wearing uniform? They’re a bunch of unserious people.”


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